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COGIC COO deposed in Donald Barrett trial

March 18, 2013 Leave a comment

JuryBoxTrials create strange bedfellows when it comes to unearthing the layers of lies created by COGIC leadership to conceal the ungodly activities of its sexually abusive clergy. Report COGIC Abuse has learned that the denomination’s COO James Smith was ordered to be deposed in the trial of accused sex abuser and former Administrative Assistant Donald K. Barrett. See our previous reports on Barrett here and here. You can go here to see a picture of Barrett as he has complained about the use of his picture.

Pending the outcome of the trial, Barrett has recast himself as a “21st century church leadership consultant” concerned about issues such as “resolving conflict” in the church. Noticeably missing are concerns about resolving sexual abuse, adultery, lying, deception and criminal activity in the church.

Judge Jeffery Barton, presiding in the Superior Court of California, ruled that the plaintiff’s lawyers could put Smith on the stand under oath. We believe it involves the incendiary letter which bore Smith’s name and fingered Enoch Perry as a colossal failure of COGIC legal strategies on sexual abuse.

“Ruling on the Deposition of James Smith: Plaintiff Ingar Jones’ unopposed motion to compel the deposition of James Smith is granted. Plaintiff and defendants should confer as to when a mutually agreeable date may be set within the next 20 days to take Smith’s deposition. Nothing in this ruling affects whether defendant Church of God in Christ, Inc.’s (“COGIC-TN” or “church”) may assert any privilege. The deposition should be completed in 3 hours.”

The trial minutes reveal that Judge Barton ordered the deposition November 2, 2012, allowing 20 days for completion. That would mean Smith was deposed by November 22, 2012.

Report COGIC Abuse also received unconfirmed information that Smith denied being the author of the letter instead saying he was ordered by a senior church official to write the letter and put his name on it.

We are working hard to obtain a copy of the deposition and will post it for your review.

What Ruth Barrett knew

According to the official  minutes of the case, the plaintiff’s evidence indicates Ruth Barrett more than likely knew her husband was an adulterer while he was still preaching and holding office in COGIC:

“Plaintiffs’ evidence show that Ruth Barrett may have known that there was a sexual relationship between Harris and Donald Barrett in 2004, which may have continued thereafter. Their evidence does not show that Ruth Barrett knew of her husband’s sexually abusive conduct and/or physical violence against plaintiffs. Thus, though the evidence shows that Ruth Barrett was the attorney for COGIC and Greater Gospel, and may have known about her husband’s indiscretions, even if she is considered an agent for
the entity, there is insufficient evidence to show that her knowledge of Barrett’s abusive misconduct was conveyed, or should have been conveyed, to the church entities. With regard to plaintiffs’ assertion that Ruth Barrett represented the church and offered a post-dated check, even if it was to “hush up” Jones, this does not fall outside the fabric of duties as an attorney to support punitive damages.”

Ruth Barrett attempted to personally pay off the women to keep her husband’s nefarious lifestyle undercover.

Former COGIC deacon given 2 life sentences for sexual molestation

March 1, 2013 Leave a comment

don billupsA 10 year reign of sexual terror is over for seven girls in Covington, Virginia. A Covington man will spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of molesting seven girls. Don Billups was convicted of 16 sex crimes and sentenced to two life sentences plus seventy five years.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Ed Stein said there were seven victims between the ages of 10 and 16. The oldest allegations date back to 2002, the most recent between 2010 and 2012. According to Stein, the girls were friends of Billups’ daughters or were known to him through a church in Covington where he was a deacon.

Stein said Billups denied every allegation to the end. The jury, however, found him guilty on all 16 counts and recommended a sentence of two life terms plus 75 years.

The earliest allegation was reported to law enforcement in 2002. Stein said the case never went anywhere at the time, however. [source]

The church where Billups got his victims was Gospel Tabernacle, a church in the Greater West Virginia Jurisdiction where Henderson Wheeler is bishop.  In 2002, when Billups was first reported to police, the church was  pastored by Supt. Warner L. Hunter, until his death in 2009. Afterwards his son-in-law, Gregory Moore became pastor. See our reporting on Don Billups and the fallout here and here.