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The founder’s dream

Three months prior to my 50th birthday in September, I had a dream which included a  brief exhortation from the founder of the Church of God in Christ, Bishop CH Mason.

In the dream, I entered Mason Temple and began walking alongside the right corridor of the building. There were different doors there and one was an open door. I stopped and looked inside and there were a group of men and women there who appeared to be talking over some matter. As soon as I looked in the door,  they said to me almost in unison, “take these papers to bishop”.

They gave me a stack of papers of which the contents were unknown to me and I did not attempt to look at them. Dutifully, I took the papers and went back down the corridor to the sanctuary.

On the platform was a table which stretched the length of it. And seated at the table were men (whom I assume were bishops and church leaders). Since I was not told what bishop to give the papers to, I looked at each man to see who might be expecting me. But strangely, I could not connect with any of them as all were unfamiliar to me. When I looked again, there was a chair seated in the very center of the table, equally dividing the men. It was an old brown high back leather chair, worn from years of use.  In it sat Bishop Mason.

When I saw him, immediately a voice said to me, “give him the papers”. I walked up to him and without a word, handed him the papers. He looked at me, then began reading through the papers.  All this time, every person was silent and still.  After he went through the papers, he looked again at me and said, “Don’t judge them, but you tell them the truth”. He never told me what was on the papers, nor did he return them to me.

At that point, the dream ended.

If you believe God has given you insight into the meaning and application of this dream, I welcome you to share it here or with me privately if you feel that is what should be done.

In his graces,

Pastor DL Foster

  1. July 2, 2012 at 9:08 am

    Hi there, I think the meaning seems rather obvious. Mason was telling you to stay true to Christian ethics and to not judge but rather to keep telling the truth. Let me explain what I mean, you know how in James 2:13 it is written that judgment must be accompanied by mercy? And you know how in John 8:7-11 Jesus tells the Pharisees that whoever hasn’t sinned can cast a stone at the adultress? Then later how he tells her that she is NOT condemned but ought not sin again? It is the same principle. Since we are saved by grace and grace alone, we should follow the Christ and in Matthew 5:44, we’re admonished to pray for those who persecute us. Again it’s the same principle. You are doing the right thing by telling the truth and girding it about your waist like in Ephesians 6:10-17 and the belt of righteousness and sash of faith as in Isaiah 11:5. So Mason wants you to keep on doing this so that the Works he started with the COGIC church will not become dead. He is telling you through the Grace of God that it is wrong what all these people are doing, they are tarnishing the message of the church, taking away from the Glory of God, edifying themselves and preaching the doctrines of demons as in 1 Timothy 4:1. Ultimately there is something else, whenever you write about these things, always include a scripture even if it is the same scriptures that you’re repeating because that is the weapon, the sword of the Spirit. I have absolutely no doubt that you are under spiritual attack and will continue to be so long as you expose the egregious heresies, outright lies, financial malfeasance and sexual abuses that go on in the COGIC church. The great apostasy would seem to have reared its head. One thing I’d like to point out on a personal level is that I questioned the teachings of 1 of the elders who was visiting from another state dr michael bradley and he told me that I needed Jesus and wondered if I was in the occult and cast aspersions against my character. Interestingly enough he never once answered my questions to justify what he had said with scripture, so the heiarchy in the church is causing many problems for the elders aren’t accountable to anyone, as you’ve said. And apparently there is a code of silence as well. For this reason keep doing what you’re doing and I’ma pray for you for you are a truth seeker and a truth teller, just keep your armour up. If you wish to further discuss this or other issues I’m at mrigmaiden@yahoo.com. May God bless and keep and protect you and your famly. I plead the blood of Christ over your entire family, pets (if applicable), home, car and finances.

  2. September 28, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    I think it is important to identify the representation of the people and locations in your dream as well as what you would have known or not known. You walked into a familiar place( the temple). You were not lost trying to find your way but familiar. In your dream Mason Temple represents not the building but the part of the body of Christ called C.O.G.I.C…The men and women you encountered represent part the duty you are called to with in the body. I know this because you said of the men and women ” they said to me almost in unison,”We may not always be able to point to why but our calling is always sure and some how the Lord always gives us for lack of a better term CONFORMATIONS. The papers and what was in them not only represent the sins committed but the unseen spiritual reasons behind the sin. As you approached the platform to look for the person you would give the papers to I was careful to notice that you were looking into individual faces to give the papers to and eventually you saw Bishop Mason.Even though it was a dream if the depiction you saw of the Bishop actually represented him you would have been looking for him all along. Even in a dream you would have been cognisant of his spiritual authority and thus know it was him you were looking for. The response you received was the response of the powers that be both spiritual and natural in COGIC( yes I did say spiritual) This power has been transferred from person to person for years but the spiritual opposition is ancient. The powers that be were telling you ” yes what is in the papers are true but do not ruffle too many feathers” in other words DO NOT JUDGE? Let me ask you a question. where does Judgement begin? Yes I know it is the Lord that brings it. But is he not also merciful in providing a warning before hand. You sir are called to give warning. You cannot give warning by just saying we should do this or do that but we are to know those who labor among us. I am afraid we do not know those who are among us. If we did we would not leave our children around them. remember man of God Paul named names and he could not do that without judging them. If there is a ravaging wolf roaming in the woods around us the people must know about it. Generations of C.O.G.I.C children suffer because we will not Huge sin for what it is. In conclusion I believe your dream showed you the response you will get from the church but the figure you saw was not giving you a word form the Lord but rather an attitude form the church.

    • September 29, 2012 at 8:19 pm

      Thank you very much for this insight. It very helpful as I seek the Lord for his will for me regarding this work. Although I have a good sense of direction, our goal is always ensure we are congruent with God’s will.

      Of course, per the scriptures judgment FIRST begins at the house of God. Its interesting that you interpreted Mason’s words not as his own admonition to me, but rather a reflection of the church’s attitude towards God’s justified rebuke of their sins? Am I understanding that correctly?

      • October 1, 2012 at 2:03 pm

        Yes you are correct and I say that for a few reasons. Like I mentioned before even though it was a dream if it was C H Mason you would have not had to look in the faces of the other Bishops to see who to give the letters to. I think it is also worth taking note to the fact that there were so many on the platform. That represents leadership. Thirdly like yourself I grew up in COGIC and all the I have ever read about or heard about Bishop Mason tells me that he would never say that. he would never have accepted that kind of behavior. There will be many that discourage you but block out the those voices and hear God…Someone has to warn the people about predators like the ones you write about. Some of them may incarcerated now but one day they will get out and we do not know if they will repent. People tend to have short memories…God bless you my Friend….
        Donald Ramos in New jersey

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