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Bishops and janitors

March 5, 2019 1 comment

Glenna Gordon Nigerian WeddingsLast night I dreamed of Bishop Charles H. Mason, the founder of the Church of God in Christ. Its only the 2nd time in about 9 years that I have dreamed of him. You can read about the first dream. I decided to use this forum as a place to chronicle those dreams for anyone who might see the significance of them.

In the dream I was given the task of transporting Bishop Mason’s body out of Mason Temple to an undisclosed location where it would be reinterred. For some reason a decision had been made to remove it from Mason Temple where he had rested since his death in 1961.

I was surprised when I looked at the body that it looked alive as if he had just passed away. I took the body and placed it in a truck. The casket was fully open and he laid face up. On the way, I received instructions to take the body to a COGIC church which was along the route. I stopped at this church and took the casket in still open. The church was hosting its “district meeting” and it was packed. I left the casket in the foyer and went inside. The service was in “high praise” mode. I told the pastor that I had Bishop Mason’s body in the foyer and had been instructed to bring it to his location temporarily. At this news, everyone began to rejoice harder. The pastor told me to bring the body into the sanctuary. When I went to get the body, Bishop Mason had turned on his face in the casket. I took it in and placed it up front.

The rejoicing continued. Then suddenly, Bishop Mason arose out of the casket and stood up. When he did, the music stopped. He told them that they didnt need all the noise to rejoice. He began to sing a song, clap his hands and dance before the people. Everyone remained quiet and watched but didnt join him. Then, the pastor ordered the musician to get the music started again. They tried in vain to get the organ to play but it wouldn’t. No sound would come from any of the instruments. Bishop Mason continued to dance and clap his hands. The pastor sat down in his seat and with a disgusted look on his face and put his hands in his head. They called for technical specialists to get the music started but could not.

Finally, the pastor ordered Bishop Mason to leave. I escorted him out and took him to another church. A very small church. I left him there. When I came back to check on him the next day, they had put him in a gray jumpsuit and made him the church janitor.


Texas federal judge finds NM COGIC Bishop Jones guilty in 2016 sexual abuse lawsuit

March 5, 2019 Leave a comment

According to the Daily Mail, a prominent news organization in the UK, in 2016 the Church of God in Christ organization and its Bishop of New Mexico was hit was a 12.2 million dollar lawsuit alleging sexual abuse of a minor. Now, that bishop has been found guilty in a Texas civil court and ordered to pay his victim $750,000.

LaKeith JamesA bishop at one of the largest African-American Christian churches in the United States has been accused of grooming and sexually assaulting a female member of the denomination for more than 20 years.
Kimberly Pollard, who is now 37, filed a $12.2-million lawsuit against the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) and Bishop James L’Keith Jones, accusing the church of allowing her to be sexually assaulted by the high-ranking bishop for 20 years, according to court papers obtained exclusively by
Pollard claims that Jones not only groomed her into what became a 20-year sexual relationship and extra-marital affair, but also tried to groom her six-year-old daughter, telling her she looked ‘sexy’ and that he would wait until she was 18 to date her.
The mother-of-one from Lubbock, Texas, says that the relationship between her and Jones turned sexual in or around 1995, when she was still a minor.

In 2019 Pollard won her lawsuit against Jones but the COGIC organization its board of bishops was dismissed from the suit. Jones was ordered by a federal judge to pay $750,000 but is still denying that he owes or committed any crime. He told a Albuquerque news station KRQE via email that he served a “one year suspension” imposed by the church. In typical fashion, COGIC, its presiding bishop and its PR representatives have all refused to respond to requests for clarification on Jones current position in the denomination. Watch the video of Jones telling a 6 year old girl she looked “mighty sexy” in a nightgown and a video clip he sent to Pollard using his fingers to simulate performing oral sex on her.


Kim PollardAn Albuquerque Bishop was ordered by a federal civil court judge to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the woman who accused him of being a predator.
However, the Bishop, who’s still on the job, claims he doesn’t owe a dime.
Bishop James L’Keith Jones of the Church of God in Christ, or COGIC, in Albuquerque, says he’s done nothing criminal. But that doesn’t change the fact that a federal court has now ordered him to pay $750,000 after a civil lawsuit was filed.
Jones has been preaching in Albuquerque for years, leading the Albuquerque chapter of one of the largest nationwide churches. But on Special Assignment in 2016, KRQE News 13 reported on Texas woman Kimberly Pollard’s lawsuit against the Bishop that revealed another side of him.
Pollard claims Bishop Jones made the comment, “You lookin’ mighty sexy in your nightgown,” to her 6-year-old daughter in a video message.
That comment was just part of a series of video and text message exchanges between Pollard and Jones that the lawsuit centered around. Some images in the messages are too explicit to show on television.
Pollard claims Jones preyed on her when she was a teen 20 years ago, and says he sexually assaulted her in a hotel room when she was 16 years old.
Then as he worked his way up the church ranks, she claims he used his authority to keep preying on her, “using coercion, threats, and his position as a spiritual advisor.”
The Bishop denies any sexual assault occurred. Still, court documents show Pollard won a $750,000 judgment in the case.
Her attorneys say Jones hasn’t paid a dime and instead claims the case was thrown out.
Recently, legal assistants on the case made the trip from Texas to hold up a large sign for Sunday parishioners.
The sign read, “COGIC Bishop James L’Keith Jones has been found liable by a federal district court of having a sexual relationship with a child. And he is still in good standing with the Church of God in Christ.”
One of Pollard’s attorneys told KRQE News 13 via email, “It’s concerning that COGIC allows Jones to continue in such a high profile position.”
Jones declined an on-camera interview and called this a case of a “woman scorned.” Jones told News 13 via email that he served a year suspension with the church, and doesn’t owe Pollard anything because the judge didn’t sign the document ordering him to pay.
He also argued the judgment was by default since he missed a deadline to report to the court.
“So I {sic} am in err for failing to respond to the court and not any damages or harm done to Ms. Pollard,” Jones wrote in an email.
But KRQE News 13 called the Northern District of Texas courthouse where the judgment was filed and were told a judge doesn’t have to sign the document. The writ of execution is valid with a clerk’s signature, meaning Jones still owes $750,000 plus $20 per day in interest.
Both the Church of God in Christ and the Board of Bishops were dismissed from the lawsuit. News 13 called the church’s headquarters in Memphis to ask if Jones is still in good standing with the church. The church did not respond.