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Poll: Did sexual abuse or sexual immorality make you EXCOGIC?

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Untold numbers of families leave the Church of God in Christ each year due to the sexual immorality or sexual abuse of a pastor, bishop, superintendent and other leaders. Some are forced to leave, while others leave because they can no longer tolerate a leader who has betrayed their trust.  Are you or someone you know one of them? Have you left the Church of God in Christ because you or someone in your family was sexually abused? Have you or someone you know been “forced out” of the COGIC because you spoke up against sexual immorality in leader? Did you or someone you know leave the church because you were threatened due to information you knew about a leader?If this is you we want to hear and tell your story.

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes,  take our poll.

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Incompetent investigator to oversee COGIC’s phantom “sexual abuse committee”

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gharrisIn what appears to be another fox guarding the pentecostal hen-house arrangement, a man who was the lead investigator of the bungled Sherman Allen sex abuse case is now the Chairman of the “Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Committee”. What an arrogant and pompous sounding title considering the littered trail of  sexually abused women and children COGIC sex criminals have left behind. Nonetheless,  Pastor Gerald Harris was appointed to the post in January by Bishop Charles Blake during the denomination’s Atlanta Leadership Conference.

According to his bio, Harris was “Chief of Security, Church of God in Christ, Inc. undertaking the responsibility of the supervision and management of the National Security Task Force. Elder Harris is the advisor to the COGIC Presiding Bishop with regards to our National Church security.”

But Harris was also is cahoots with dethroned former legal advisor Enoch Perry in the notorious mishandling of the Sherman Allen case. That case arguably became the lightening rod which first drew significant attention to COGIC’s infatuation with harboring, promoting and celebrating sexual abusers in its clergy ranks.

In a sworn deposition given in a Texas courtroom, Perry identified Elder Gerald Harris and Elder Melvin Williams as the sole members of COGIC’s so-called “National Sexual Misconduct Committee”. Later, in the same deposition, he said the men were members of the “National Review Board”. (pg 22 of deposition filed under letters and documents).

The two investigators violated COGIC’s own policy which requires a minimum 5 individuals on an investigating committee of this sort. It also requires that a “detailed report” be filed with the Office of the General Secretary within 6 months of a case being closed. When questioned about this glaring violation, Perry declined to answer if this had been done in the Sherman Allen case. He called the two “investigators” highly skilled in what they do, but Allen under oath said he was never interviewed by either of the two men. It still remains a mystery as to how men with such skill could disregard church policy in such a high level legal matter.

Despite Harris’ colossal failure, Blake promoted him to the position of “special investigator” . Blake did the same with Perry even after a scathing letter revealing his massive incompetence was released by another church official.  This was another immaterial peacock position with special window dressing sauce, dreamed up in the mind of the presiding bishop. There was no evidence COGIC needed a “special investigator”. What was there to investigate?

Although there was no external formal or public announcement we could find, Bishop Blake then created a new Investigative Service Department for COGIC. Something like a church CIA department. The man placed in charge of the job: Elder Gerald Harris of Gilroy, CA. Harris’ dubious promotions followed the pattern of rewarding error, misconduct and incompetence by creating fictitious committees to give the impression the person has done something noteworthy. It also helps to keep the administration’s secrets in its inner circle.

We searched but there was no announcement nor information released publicly about what the newly created “Investigative Service Department” does or does not do, so COGIC members can only speculate as to whether the new department includes elements of secrecy. Shouldn’t members know if they could possibly be under investigation?

What Sexual Abuallen-150x150se and Misconduct Committee?

When it comes to investigating the sexual abuses of COGIC’s clergy (who commit 98% of the known crimes) its almost unbelievable that the presiding bishop would appoint a man with proven incompetence to head a secret committee to deal secretly with the secret sexual sins, crimes and misconduct of its good ole preacha boys club. Who are the members of the committee? When do they meet? When have they met previously? Women and children comprise 98% of known victims. Are women involved in the decision making process? If so who are they? Where are the rules, procedures and policies governing the sex abuse committee?  How does the average member contact them and get access to their qualifications. Why are the members kept secret? Inquire if you desire, search if you may and seek but you wont find this phantom committee.

Bishop Blake has ensured that nothing substantial will ever occur to rectify problems with sexual abuse in his denomination. He does that through manipulative window dressing, creating phantom committees and appointing insider heads to oversee the fake committees.  If there was a legitimate committee, they would be investigating Charles Brown, the pedophile bishop who still jumps, shouts, speaks in tongues, pastors a church and sits on the convocation platform. They would be investigating claims made against FE Perry, Jerry Wayne Macklin, Harrison Hale and a crop of other CURRENT church officials. Just like they feigned ignorance and claimed no responsibility with Bishop John Husbands , Sherman “Rev Spanky” Allen and scores of others on the record, they will continue to do the same no matter what evidence exists against one of their own. Its all for the glory of COGIC’s name, image and assets. People are just expendable, collateral damage to keep up the “glory” of the church’s image.

Its a sad and tragic day for sexual abuse victims in the Church of God in Christ.

Get right or Get out?

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At the close of last year’s convocation, Bishop Charles Blake gave an impassioned speech about pedophiles and child molesters getting out of COGIC.  “Get right or Get” out became the memorable echo line of Blake’s speech. But was he serious? Apparently he wasn’t or he is powerless to remove an obvious child molester that stood on the platform with him during the Convocation.  Four months, after the speech, Charles Brown is still in COGIC and still not right. Brown’s presence is a raw offense to victims of the church but yet he was allowed to occupy a position of honor as if he had done no wrong. We know that not to be true because Bishop Blake you and the General Board paid his victims money to keep his wicked sex crimes concealed.  Bishop Blake, at what point are you going to get right and remove this wicked man from office? If you show favoritism to your friends, your speech was nothing but empty words and hot air. The appropriate idiom would be a “dog and pony show”.


“Always Liars”: A letter from Bishop RE Ranger, part III

February 14, 2013 4 comments

Part 3 of 4 CAPS are the Author’s

Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, had a very special word to Titus who like Timothy was called  “Mine own Son” or “My true child”. He set forth his authority as a servant of God and an APOSTLE OF JESUS CHRIST. Titus had been left on an Island called Crete. There was a special purpose in having left him in that one place. The CHURCH was there in that there were many believers in Christ Jesus, but the believers had little organization.

Titus had a job that required activity and judgment. The activity was that he might really know the needs of the people, and the judgment was to be exercised in selecting from among them leaders in sufficient numbers, but the leaders must have the quality of blameless Bishops over the flock. We may be certain that the Cretians had many points of strength that made them acceptable as CHRISTIAN CONVERTS. But the Cretians also had three particular things with which their characters were found to be blemished. (1) There were in reputations as “Always liars” (2) evil beasts (3) slow bellies. Among them were “Many unruly” and “Vain talker and “Deceivers”.

What a list of disadvantages to be overcome! Slow bellies; evil beasts, always liars. Deceivers, Wild Beasts, Idle Bellies. Gluttonous, and in all things a sensual people—-always liars! How can we reconcile this to the call of Christ?

What is sin? Wherein may it be found to be indulged? Who fathered it? Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar and the father of it. John 8:44. This description us if the FATHER OF LIES and the description in Titus, just read from Chapter 1 describes an entire people; a people from whom came CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS! Among them: (1)the unruly (2)Vain Talkers (3)Deceivers, whose mouths must be stopped; those who subvert whole houses, teachers of things that they ought not; wrong teaching being done for FILTHY LUCRE’S SAKE. How many labor not to proclaim the truth, but to subvert hearers for FILTHY LUCRE’S SAKE? Listen while men talk. Know their purposes, not of their words. “Buy the truth and sell it not”

Slow bellies, evil beasts, ALWAYS LIARS!!!  Liars in the Cretian Church; liars not to be indulged and excused but to be sharply rebuked for the purpose of producing a soundness in t heir faith. This is the pattern and purpose of God. He has placed himself on record in Psalms 101:7: He that worketh deceit shall not swell in my house; he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight.” God is not dead; God has not changed; God will not lie!

CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST, MY BRETHREN, let us seek nothing but the truth. You all are aware of the fact that a Senior Bishop of the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST was elected to that position December 7, 1962. The so-called “EXECUTIVE BOARD” now claims by sworn oath that they only elected a SENIOR BISHOP, of the BOARD. ALWAYS LIARS! You know that the so-called “EXECUTIVE BOARD” was chosen to serve in leadership only until another SENIOR BISHOP has been elected for the CHURCH. THEY CLAIM unlimited power. ALWAYS LIARS! You know that the CONSTITUTION provides that the Senior Bishop shall appoint all State Overseers, now State Bishops. The so-called “EXECUTIVE BOARD” claims it now has the power to make such appointments without either CHURCH LAW or custom or practice to support such a claim. ALWAYS LIARS! You know that two years was the time that passed by while Bishop Ozro T. Jones was recognized in all portions of the UNITED CHURCH, by reason of this election. He asked for a financial accounting from all of the DEPARTMENTS. The so-called “EXECUTIVE BOARD IMMEDIATELY BEGAN A FIGHT CLAIMING ALL THE POWER OF THE OFFICE. to which he was duly elected.; then claiming to be the BOARD OF BISHOPS, THEN CLAIMING THE POWERS OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY TO LEGISLATE only as they dictated. ALWAYS LIARS!

Now, they come claiming the power and right to call a SPECIAL CONSTITUTIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Its purpose has not been announced, but you may be certain that they are only seeking to enhance power for themselves by other false claims. ALWAYS LIARS!

They claimed under oath in Birmingham, Ala. to have held a GENERAL ASSEMBLY November 17, 1965 on YPWW DAY, in which they amended the CONSTITUTION, giving themselves special power to do as they choose and making the OFFICE OF THE  SENIOR BISHOP just a small honor. No discussion, no notice, no announcement. Just, we did it!  ALWAYS LIARS!

jopsrTHE GENERAL SECRETARY [Bishop JO Patterson, Sr.] of the CHURCH SWORE UNDER OATH, in Birmingham, Ala that Bishop O.T. Jones was not nominated of the CHURCH, only Senior Bishop of this BOARD. A letter which had to admit bore his signature was produced in open court, stating that he had thrown his “Great influence” behind Bishop OT Jones as SENIOR BISHOP of the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST because Bishop AB McEwen had widely circulated certain scandals regarding his moral conduct. ALWAYS LIARS!

The same man swore under oath, in the same COURTROOM that he never signed any Credentials with Bishop OT Jones as SENIOR BISHOP, appointing any man a STATE BISHOP at any time since he had been in OFFICE. Bishop Eurie [James Eure?] of Maryland was able to catch the plane that same night from Baltimore , Md and produce his Credentials in the COURT; its signature had to be admitted to the JUDGE! ALWAYS LIARS! Now caught!!!

Do not be alarmed by certain carefully selected portions of transcript that have been elected for circulation in certain areas from the Birmingham, Ala case. The full record of the transcript is feared. it will show men who are always liars! Lying under oath is perjury, you know. In the State of Alabama the penalty upon a conviction, is from two to twenty years in the penitentiary. Why must men be ALWAYS LIARS?

“Always Liars”: A letter from Bishop RE Ranger, part II

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Part 2 of 4. CAPS are the Author’s Part 1

(9) We are now being told that the so called “EXECUTIVE BOARD” alone composes the BOARD OF BISHOPS. The others of you who are State Bishops must just pay your money and take “ORDERS”. Tell me, can a “baby” become his own father? The BOARD OF BISHOPS gave the authority to the so-called EXECUTIVE BOARD to function for one year in leadership or until another SENIOR BISHOP had been elected. The SUPREME COURT of the STATE of TEXAS holds, since its JUDGMENT was given in 1963, that the power to this group to act ceased  December 7, 1962, when Bishop Ozro T. Jones was elected SENIOR BISHOP. Only a Federal Court can overturn that judgment. Now, please tell me “How can a baby” become his own father? Bishop L.H. Ford, of Chicago, IL admitted in his sworn testimony in Kountze, Texas (Hardin County) when he and Bishop AB McEwen were there as representatives of the so called EXECUTIVE BOARD that the BOARD OF BISHOPS created the EXECUTIVE BOARD. He further admits under oath in court that they were to serve for 1963. COURT RECORDS WILL SHOW THIS! If according to his testimony, the BOARD OF BISHOPS created them for just one year, how have they now become the BOARD OF BISHOPS that created them? Somewhere, there is a dead cat on the line.

(10) If the BOARD OF BISHOPS is nothing, if the General Assembly is only a rubber stamp to validate the illegal actions taken in the Elder’s Council which has no legislative CONSTITUTIONAL powers, if the SENIOR BISHOPS office leaves him only as a figure head, why should the STATE BISHOPS who have the leadership of all of the people who compose the state assemblies all over the nation, continue “Fattening Frogs to feed Snakes?” Taxation without representation is tyranny. Suppose every STATE BISHOP just holds back his report until a little sense can percolate through a few of those who have BLOCK-HEADS? BISHOPS you do not have to fear these men. They have already shown themselves to be plain Hitler-Stalin type dictators. What would the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST be like if  they held power 10 years? I will answer; we would all be a group of spineless dupes and theological slaves!  God told Ezekiel, “Son of Man stand upon thy feet and I will speak to thee.” Ezekiel 2:1 If we want God to be among us and bless our labor the time has come for each of us to “stand upon our feet”.  This little group of twelve to fourteen men are not the BOARD OF BISHOPS. THEY ARE NOT THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, having sole legislative power in the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST. We are all very certain that no one of them is the SENIOR BISHOP. Although the great trouble that we now must face really hinges on the fact that a great number of them want to be the SENIOR BISHOP THEMSELVES. As SENIOR BISHOP O. T. JONES will not hurry up and die as some of them were so very certain that he would when he was elected December 7, 1962, they are now seeking to seize the office by coldly, calculated, cunningly and determiningly designed “RAPE OF THE OFFICE”. Your money is being spent to promote this very cohesive and constantly concurring group of conspirators, of evil purpose. Have you been threatened? If you have not, watch it! You may expect to be before your get away from Memphis, Tenn. April 12-14, 1966.

Hear me today! There is no place that I seek in any capacity of leadership in the CHURCH. I have already won the battle in the courts of our State, that many of your states will have to win, if you State Bishops survive as leaders and not serve as SLAVES: HEAR MY WORDS TODAY! “I would rather speak the truth to ten than blandishments and lying to a million. Try it, ye who think there is nothing in it. Try what it is to speak with God behind you—to speak as as to be only the arrow in the bow which the Almighty draws” H.W.B.

Bad words are as influential as the plague and the pestilence. They have wrought more evil than battle, murder and sudden death. They creep through the ears into the heart, call up all of its bad passions and tempt it to break God ‘s commandments. A few bad words got into the ear  of the mother of mankind and they led here on to eat the forbidden fruit and thus to bring death into the world. G. Morgridge

“Always Liars”: a letter from Bishop R.E. Ranger

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Part 1 of 4, Author’s CAPS

For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake. One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, the Cretians are always liars, evil beasts, slow bellies. Titus 1:10-12

Peace be unto you my Brethren partakers of the same faith, nurtured by the same love, standing in the consciousness of the same judgment, and for this cause animated by the same hope of eternal life.

The year 1965 has died since we were last together in our National Headquarters in Mason Temple, 938 Mason St. Memphis, Tenn. Another New Year has been born and is, as of the present date April 4, 1966, now well on its way to its appointed terminus, once the circle of its existence has brought it, too like 1965, and all of its predecessors, back to the Garden of Eden, to the valley marked for its determined end, THE VALLEY OF DECISION.

Its seems that physically many of us, if not the most of us have been blessed to enjoy the favors of our God over the period over which we have been permitted to come since we were last together in our NATIONAL CONVOCATION in November 1965. With a significantly few of us, the passage of this particular period of time has marked the  END OF OUR EARTHLY JOURNEY. With others our journey of life has come upon problems of sickness and accident, all in the consequential will of our God. It is he who knows the way that we all take and hath said When he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” Job 23:10 We must notice however that the “Pure Gold” does not emerge until after the trials by God. The dross must be burned away by TRIAL.

Our NATIONAL CONVOCATION, last November brought to us many experiences foreign to the history of the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST. It is disagreeable to all of us to contemplate the fact that it did occur. We do not even now feel ourselves comfortable in its contemplation.

(1) We saw a display of hatred and evil purpose among the brethren.

(2) We looked upon the deliberate “Rape of the Rights” of the highest of all OFFICIALS of the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST, Sunday Nov 14, 1965.

(3) We witnessed the attempted seizing of the entire machinery of financial power and government of the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST by violence.

(4) We saw the beginning of a coalition of men in the Elders Council and the so-called “EXECUTIVE BOARD” designed to destroy the BOARD OF BISHOPS, THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY and the OFFICE OF THE SENIOR BISHOP.

(5) We have observed the development of a NATIONWIDE CAMPAIGN of lies and attempted intimidation, directed through the channels of the only NATIONAL MEDIA published within the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST, THE EVANGELIST SPEAKS. (allegedly bought for that purpose) and by addressing slanted new releases to publications of national circulation, with the Racial Press group, all over the nation.

(6)We have seen the forcible entry of this so-called “EXECUTIVE BOARD” into the jurisdictions presided over by certain state BISHOPS, who did not show themselves sufficiently frightened by “Threats and attempted intimidations” that were addressed to them by this BOARD with but one purpose and that was to destroy.

(7) We have seen  the EDICT addressed to Dr. OT Jones, Jr as President of the Youth Department, that he cease all activity as President of this DEPARTMENT and appear before this group who seek to serve as accusers (with no accusation) Judges (plainly without judgement) Persecutors (without a valid charge) and intimidators without law at the APRIL CALL MEETING convening  April 12-14, 1966 in Memphis, Tenn. No Charge is made! Just answer before us but before we even see you or give one word of accusation, CEASE YOUR WORK! How many of this group can stand the examination of even the last twelve years of their lives? Answer, those live where they have lived and where they live now.

(8) We have received a SPECIOUS CALL for a SPECIAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY IN THE APRIL SPRING CALL of the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST, in Memphis, Tenn. The purpose of this call is to “RAPE THE CONSTITUTION of the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST” as the RIGHTS OF THE SENIOR BISHOP were stripped from him by “RAPE AND VIOLENCE” November 14, 1966. The CONSTITUTION calls for one General Assembly each year held at the time of the NATIONAL CONVOCATION. The BOARD OF BISHOPS alone is empowered to call an extra session. The BOARD of BISHOPS is now composed of all who are Bishops in good standing in the CHURCH. THE BOARD OF BISHOPS HAS NOT EVEN MET. THE CALL IS A FAKE!


Report COGIC Abuse applauds decision to remove Enoch Perry III as COGIC chief counsel

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perry-enochThe man at the center of many of COGIC’s incredibly bad legal decisions since 1996 is no longer chief counsel of the nation’s largest black pentecostal denomination. Bishop Enoch Perry of Washington, DC didn’t make the cut of retained appointments announced recently at the denomination’s annual leadership conference in Atlanta, GA.

Perry had been COGIC’s chief behind-the-scenes architect of sexual abuse “policy” in the last few years. He’s navigated church leadership though numerous legal waters with ubiquitous ease, donning different faces depending on which court room he happened to find himself in. In November 2009,  when Bishop Charles Blake dropped a bombshell announcement that his denomination spent on a yearly average $800,000 to settle sexual abuse claims against the church,  he actually thanked Perry for his cacophony of supporting distortions.

Report COGIC Abuse obtained a copy of the 2008 court deposition of Church of God in Christ top “legal counsel” Enoch Perry who testified under oath that COGIC has virtually no control over its ministers or churches.  But that admission quickly caught the former judge in a series of exchanges where he was less than truthful. The deposition occured in early September 2008, almost a year prior to the approaching sexual abuse trial of Rev. Sherman Allen, a former top COGIC church official.

In March 2011, Perry was the target of a widely circulated letter by the church’s COO James Smith. The seven page letter with almost 4000 words[pdf], accused the church’s top legal man of a plethora of legal, ethical and financial improprieties. The letter, in effect predicted a looming financial doomsday for the Church of God in Christ and laid the blame at the feet of its  “incompetent” counsel  Enoch Perry III.

Regrettably, I must bring to your attention the ongoing dilemma which the National Church has dealt with for many years and will continue to face as a result of the grossly ineffective, entirely inadequate and extremely costly representation being afforded to date by our General Counsel, Judge Enoch Perry, III. As I will address more fully below, in less than a one (1) year time span, the National Church has paid out over $1,000,000 solely due to the lack of sufficient legal acumen and fatal errors in judgment by our General Counsel.

Smith was retained as COO during the leadership conference and Perry was replaced by Ulysses Henderson a somewhat unknown church attorney who is mentioned in the April 2010  General Assembly minutes as participating in a phone call regarding contracts for the national convocation. Henderson’s photo was conspicuously missing from an official poster featuring the new and retained appointees.