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Bishops and janitors

Glenna Gordon Nigerian WeddingsLast night I dreamed of Bishop Charles H. Mason, the founder of the Church of God in Christ. Its only the 2nd time in about 9 years that I have dreamed of him. You can read about the first dream. I decided to use this forum as a place to chronicle those dreams for anyone who might see the significance of them.

In the dream I was given the task of transporting Bishop Mason’s body out of Mason Temple to an undisclosed location where it would be reinterred. For some reason a decision had been made to remove it from Mason Temple where he had rested since his death in 1961.

I was surprised when I looked at the body that it looked alive as if he had just passed away. I took the body and placed it in a truck. The casket was fully open and he laid face up. On the way, I received instructions to take the body to a COGIC church which was along the route. I stopped at this church and took the casket in still open. The church was hosting its “district meeting” and it was packed. I left the casket in the foyer and went inside. The service was in “high praise” mode. I told the pastor that I had Bishop Mason’s body in the foyer and had been instructed to bring it to his location temporarily. At this news, everyone began to rejoice harder. The pastor told me to bring the body into the sanctuary. When I went to get the body, Bishop Mason had turned on his face in the casket. I took it in and placed it up front.

The rejoicing continued. Then suddenly, Bishop Mason arose out of the casket and stood up. When he did, the music stopped. He told them that they didnt need all the noise to rejoice. He began to sing a song, clap his hands and dance before the people. Everyone remained quiet and watched but didnt join him. Then, the pastor ordered the musician to get the music started again. They tried in vain to get the organ to play but it wouldn’t. No sound would come from any of the instruments. Bishop Mason continued to dance and clap his hands. The pastor sat down in his seat and with a disgusted look on his face and put his hands in his head. They called for technical specialists to get the music started but could not.

Finally, the pastor ordered Bishop Mason to leave. I escorted him out and took him to another church. A very small church. I left him there. When I came back to check on him the next day, they had put him in a gray jumpsuit and made him the church janitor.


  1. March 5, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    Wow! What volume this dream speaks. I believe Bishop Mason would be the only one to clean up the church, if only it was possible. If only we could get back to where we use to be…

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