Letters and Documents

Letter from Presiding Bishop to general church re: 107HC message [download]

Andre Johnson vs Bishop James Hunt, Chairman of General Assembly [download]

Judgment of Fulton County Superior Court against William McCray [download]

Pastor Wayne Bass, Sr. letter of divorce from COGIC [download]

Patricia Brown-Johnson vs Rufus Kyles et al 133rd District Court Texas [download]

Report finding Auxillary Bishop Enoch Perry ineligible for election to the Judiciary Board [download]

Shaw vs Sheard-McCray Superior Court of Fulton County (GA) [download]

Memo from Bishop Donald Murray re: results of Special Grievance Committee investigation [download]

Letter from Changus Campbell LLP to Bishop Charles Blake and Bishop John Sheard re: OCGA violations; racketeering, IRS violations [ download]

Open letter from Bishop Larry Shaw entitled “Enough is Enough” re: Thomas Holsey retrial [download]

Letter from Forest Park Church to General Board; Presiding Bishop re: Bishop Reginald Williams [download]

Letter to COGIC Capitol Region from Christopher Davis re: pedophilia investigation [download]

Letter to Bishop Charles Blake from Bishop Thomas Holsey re: missing funds [download]

Letter to Bishop Prince EW Bryant  from the Office of the Presiding Bishop re: Gary Emerson Scott removal [download]

Letter from Dr. Leonard Lovett to Bishop John Sheard re: Investigation of Bishop Neavelle Coles [download]

Letter to Bishop John Sheard  et al from Supt Roderick Durant re:investigation of Bishop J. Harley Lyles [download]

Letter from Bishop Blake authorizing removal of Bishop Thomas Holsey from office [download]

Letter from Bishop Thomas Holsey to Bishop John Sheard re: $733,000 in loans [download]

Letter from Bishop Charles Blake, Sr. to “friends” re: Rebuttal to Bishop Holsey letter [download]

Letter from Bishop PA Brooks to “fellow leaders” re: Rebuttal to Bishop Holsey letter [download]

Letter from Board of Bishops et al to Bishop John Sheard re:  Bishop Thomas Holsey trial [download]

Letter from Emanuel COGIC to Bishop John Sheard re: complaint against Bishop JC Gilkey [download]

Letter to Bishop Blake from Emmanuel COGIC re: Bishop JC Gilkey harassment issues [download]

Duane Hammons Appeal trial Texas 4th Court of Appeals [download]

Kelly vs COGIC lawsuit 236th Texas District Court [download]

Fred Coleman III sexual abuse trial [download]

Sherman Allen deposition 236th Texas District Court [ part I] [part II] [part III]

Official COGIC letter on JD Husbands case via  Bishop L H Ford office [download]

The State of Ohio vs Bruce  Curtis 12th Appellate District Court [download]

Joseph Carroll conviction Pierce County (WA) Superior Court [download]

Supt Larry Weems sexual abuse trial Mississippi media reports via media reports [download]

Wendell Beets sexual assault appeal 8th Circuit Court of Appeals  [download]

A perverse constitution: an extensive analysis of the COGIC constitution by Bishop Samuel Nesbitt [download]
Constitutional Rights Expose [download]

Impeachment petition against COGIC justices Warren-McKinney and Perry filed by Mr. Emmitt Taylor [download]

Sexual Abuse Presentation by the Office of the General Counsel [download]
  1. desu10
    September 12, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    Lord, can we please get back to holiness?! All these accusations and lawsuits in the church is out of control. What has this grand church come to? God forbid! If Bishop Mason could see all of this foolishness he would not pleased with the leaders we have now. More importantly, God is not pleased! I pray the Lord comes soon.

  2. December 7, 2014 at 2:42 am

    well my personal opinion on Dr. Earl Carter’s message is met with nothing but that he told the truth concerning sins that can be committed openly and prob for sho secretly,however the comment bout the bleeding i feel was just a throw in statement,that frankly i believe alot of people just shrugged off as much ado about nothing,they laffed and whatnot, but i do know that the lord said the “cry had waxed great “concerning this type of “hopefully secret “sinning,but theirs were open as can be,also seemed to be tolerated to the max, maybe people should read genesis chapter 19

  3. May 3, 2015 at 1:27 pm

    I was asked by an elder what I thought of Dr. Earl Carter being rebuked by Bishop Blake for preaching against homosexuality the day after the message had been preached. My response at that time was that I had no opinion because I had not heard the matter. I added that I have heard Bishop Blake preach against homosexuality and I could only conjecture that it was probably the language, tone, or tenor used by the elder that Bishop Blake objected to. Since then I have still not heard Dr. Carter’s message in it’s entirety. However, I have read Bishop Blake’s statements regarding the matter, and I must say that there was nothing in Bishop Blake’s statements that I could disagree with. My pastor was Berthon Watson, father of the well known Watson Sisters. He was well known for his strict holiness teaching. Even as far back as the 1970’s he warned us concerning false brethren and pastors and bishops in the COGIC. He described how he no longer attended the national convocations because of the rampant hypocrisy and immorality of so many of the pastors and leaders there that it grieved his spirit. He reported how that police reported every year that during COGIC Convocations in Memphis prostitutes were flown in because there weren’t enough locally to supply the demand for sex whenever the “saints” were in town. It was also the busiest time of the year for the strip clubs and liquor sales skyrocketed during the convocation. I share this because while my pastor preached old time holiness, and warned us of the false preachers and devils that infiltrate the church, we had homosexuals often attend our services. Never were they made to feel unwelcome. Because we were taught that it would be the height of hypocrisy and hatred of God to show love to a liar (have you ever lied?), or an adulterer or fornicator (have you ever looked upon a woman with lust?), or any other sin (in case anyone has forgotten – all have sinned) and not to a homosexual for example, when such were some of us. Flesh loves to justify and minimize our own personal sins while maximizing and magnifying someone else’s sins. However, the Word of God says that anyone who keeps the whole law and yet is guilty of the least sin, is guilty of all sin, so how in the world can we judge any sinner differently than our own selves. By love we were drawn to God. We saw homosexuals repent and surrender to Christ and receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. We had a transgender man attend our services for almost a year dressed as a woman. We treated him with respect, love, and grace. No one felt any need to point out that he was really a man, although it was obvious to everyone. He later came under the conviction of the Holy Ghost and repented, was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, continued as a man and faithful member and later married a lady in the church. He told me that he thought that I and others in the church did not know that he had been transgender because of the way we showed him the same love that we showed any other sinner that came to church. He described how that he had been made to feel so uncomfortable at other churches when he knew that he needed God and needed to hear the Word of God preached although he was not yet ready to repent at that time. He needed to be among the saints in the atmosphere of the Holy Ghost to strengthen his faith to point where he could repent. I’m writing this because I am so absolutely appalled at the disgusting hypocrisy of so many in the church testifying that they are saved, and are not, as evidenced by the fact that they have no control of their tongues. They use crude language, curse and blaspheme the Name of God, even in church. Even from the pulpit. Preachers using crude language, even cuss words. And yet want to ostracize and condemn someone else’s sin. I declare to you this, sweet water and bitter cannot come from the same well. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. Words cannot ‘slip’ from the mouth except they were already in your mind and heart. Bottom line…. You ain’t saved if your mouth ain’t right! How many times have you heard someone in church say O.M.G. to express disgust or some other emotion? That is blasphemy, taking the Name of the Lord in vain. That was on God’s top ten list of things He detested. Apparently way ahead of homosexuality which didn’t even make the list on the Ten Commandments. But taking God’s name in vain, lying, and adultery is on that list, and there is way more of those sins going on in church than homosexuality and yet we don’t ostracize blasphemers of God’s name, or liars and adulterers. Just sins we may think that we are not personally guilty of. What absolute hypocrisy! It’s time to get right church! Christ is coming back for a holy church without a spot, blemish, or any such thing. If you allow crude language to enter even your thoughts, you better repent! If you blaspheme God by taking His Name in vain, saying ‘oh my G – D’ to express your feelings. You better repent! If you use the ;the word “hell” in an un-Biblical manner, such as saying that “you are going through hell” or that something was “hell” to experience. :You better repent! Hell is a real place, and nothing on earth can be compared to it. The Bible calls everything and anything you can possibly suffer in this life “our light affliction”, so stop lying on God! If your church leaders are speaking in that manner, or taking God’s name in vain, it doesn’t matter how much you love them, you better find another church! Hell is too hot to play with God! Let’s stop deceiving our own selves, and recognize that the devil has messed us up and we need to repent as a church and we desperately need a national revival of ‘old time holiness’! It’s holiness or hell folks! Your choice.

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