Encyclopedia of Names

This encyclopedia of names is provided for quick search and find for database research relating to articles appearing on reportcogicabuse and cogiabusewatch. Names are accompanied by brief description, state location, and if applicable, life span. Names appearing here does not assume an individual has committed a crime.

Adams, Sherry [a]
Allen,  Rev. Sherman CG [a] [b] [c] [d]
Banks Jr, Supt John [a]
Barlow, Elder Ellis [a]
Bell, Pastor James H. [a]
Billups, Deacon Don [a] [b] [c]
Blake Sr., Bishop Charles E.
Brown I, Bishop Charles E.
Bryant, Elder Michael
Bryant, Bishop Prince E.
Campbell, Pastor Michael C.
Coleman Jr., Robert [a] [b]
Cooper, Pastor Eric
Davis, Christopher
Deal Sr., Pastor Cleon
Fisher, Dr. Laneer
Forbes, Elder Tyrone
Ghent, Minister Clevon
Goss, Pastor Bruce L.
Haliburton, Pastor Edward
Hammons, Pastor Duane
Harris, Pastor Gerald
Henderson, Elder Ulysses [a]
Hogan Sr., Bishop Joseph E.
House, Pastor Edwin
Hurt Sr., Dr. Alexander
Hutchins, Rev. Derrick
Hutton, Supt Jessie L.
Husband, Bishop John Dale
James, Pastor William
Johnson, Supt McKinley

Jones, Bishop LaKeith
Kelly, Davina
Kelley, Bishop Fredrick
Kimbrew, Elder Ronald
Lyles, Bishop Joel H.
Malbrough, Elder Tony Ray
Malone, Deidre
McCurdy, Pastor Billy
Nesbitt, Bishop Samuel
Nixon, Pastor Robert
Paige, Pastor Ronald
Parham, Elder Enos
Pierre, Supt John
Pitchford, Deacon Jerome
Perry III, Bishop Enoch
Powe Jr.,  Elder Ronnie
Roper, Elder Martin
Scott, Gary Emerson
Sheard, Bishop John
Slack, Elder Eric [a]
Smith, Supt Charles E.
Tate, Supt Roy
Taylor, Minister Darryl Leonard
Wallace, Elder Orlando
Weems, Supt Larry
Wells, Pastor Milton
Wiggins, Supt Thomas A.
Wilson, Minister Dwayne
Wright, Bishop James R., Sr
Woolfork, Pastor Prince W.

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