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WATCH! Bishop Charles Blake KO sexual sins in WIC message

June 2, 2014 3 comments

The undercover sex wolves in COGIC are NOT going to like this.But COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake deserves some much needed praise for putting the sword to sexual sins during his address at COGIC’s 64th International Women’s Convention in Louisville this past week. The teaching is masterful and befitting instruction from the office of the Presiding Bishop especially in times like these when adultery, fornication, homosexuality and sexual manipulation sins are cresting IN the church.

Not only did Bishop Blake methodically hit the biblical, moral and physical consequences of said sexual sins, he laid out factual statistics as well.
Now, if he would just do a repeat at the Men’s Conference. Watch all three excerpts below.

Guidelines on abuse reporting to RCA

May 8, 2013 1 comment

Its been over three years since Report COGIC Abuse launched an unprecedented outreach which contained elements of confrontation and comfort. Confrontation to those in leadership who would abuse, manipulate and damage God’s people and comfort for the victims of such abuses.

Our reporting portal receives numerous reports each month and while we are grateful that people see RCA as a place they can share information that would otherwise be dismissed by church leaders, we simply cannot be all things to everyman.

About domestic violence, sexual infidelity situations

blkwomanReports of spousal abuse, abandonment and the likes are tragic examples of why COGICs Men’s Ministry and its Womens Department should step up (or institute) its efforts to address domestic battery, infidelity (adultery) and relational deception among its male and female attendees, respectively.¬† The problems are real and no amount of pentecostal praise is going to whitewash it away. Reports to RCA of such occurences are increasing and reveal that many women are suffering in silence while their husbands enjoy accolades for their preaching styles and membership building skills. And of course, their money paid to higher ups.

Our mission is to act as a restraint to those who abuse their authority and office in deference to their own carnal desires.  While Report COGIC Abuse will make every effort to help those who contact us, issues of domestic violence should be referred to local law enforcement authories. If a situation in the home has gotten beyond repair, we strongly encourage a certified report in writing to appropriate church authorities (bishop, executive secretary) in hopes that some form of discipline will be applied. If church authorities fail to respond or excuse malfeasance in one if its credentialed leaders, RCA will assist in exposing the problem.

God said divorce  is detestable (Malachi 2:16). If possible, and true repentance with proof of behavior change is evident, we encourage husbands and wives to reconcile and stay together.