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Dreams and Visions II

November 22, 2014 3 comments

deadbishopThe events (a summary in case you are clueless) of the past several weeks involving the COGIC, its Presiding Bishop and the issue of homosexuality caused me to remember a dream I had on May 15th. I shared it with a select few on facebook at the time and asked for some insight. Aside from some obvious meanings, some elements of the dream puzzle me.  I want to share it here with you. Feel free to comment as you feel led to do.

In my dream, I attended the funeral for a major church leader in a black Pentecostal denomination. When I arrived at the service dressed in what I would say was the clerical garb of a bishop, the processional for the clergy was already lined up. The denomination’s new bishop was at the head of the procession and right behind him in line was OC Allen, the gay Atlanta bishop. He (Allen) appeared to be in greater regalia than the “presiding bishop”.  As I approached, an assistant was sent to me. In my hand, I held two glass roses. The assistant told me to go to the back of the line and I did. Then the assistant followed me back,  got in my face and said “A carry on? Really? A carry on?”. He repeated this to me several times with a tone of disappointment as if I had embarrassed every one.


The Founders Dream



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The founder’s dream

December 21, 2011 5 comments

Three months prior to my 50th birthday in September, I had a dream which included a  brief exhortation from the founder of the Church of God in Christ, Bishop CH Mason.

In the dream, I entered Mason Temple and began walking alongside the right corridor of the building. There were different doors there and one was an open door. I stopped and looked inside and there were a group of men and women there who appeared to be talking over some matter. As soon as I looked in the door,  they said to me almost in unison, “take these papers to bishop”.

They gave me a stack of papers of which the contents were unknown to me and I did not attempt to look at them. Dutifully, I took the papers and went back down the corridor to the sanctuary.

On the platform was a table which stretched the length of it. And seated at the table were men (whom I assume were bishops and church leaders). Since I was not told what bishop to give the papers to, I looked at each man to see who might be expecting me. But strangely, I could not connect with any of them as all were unfamiliar to me. When I looked again, there was a chair seated in the very center of the table, equally dividing the men. It was an old brown high back leather chair, worn from years of use.  In it sat Bishop Mason.

When I saw him, immediately a voice said to me, “give him the papers”. I walked up to him and without a word, handed him the papers. He looked at me, then began reading through the papers.  All this time, every person was silent and still.  After he went through the papers, he looked again at me and said, “Don’t judge them, but you tell them the truth”. He never told me what was on the papers, nor did he return them to me.

At that point, the dream ended.

If you believe God has given you insight into the meaning and application of this dream, I welcome you to share it here or with me privately if you feel that is what should be done.

In his graces,

Pastor DL Foster