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RCA to participate in Open Forum on Victims Advocacy in COGIC

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Keep your eyes open

tn_offenderpicsPedophiles and sex abusers hidden in church congregations depend on two things which allow them to continue their wickedness without discovery. (1) People who are indifferent and silent and (2) people who are unaware and silent. Jesus said while men slept the enemy came in came and sowed tares also among the wheat, and went away (Mt 13:25) .  Unless you report it, it will go unnoticed. If you see or hear something, say something. Children and those being abused are often in a state of shock or deep fear because their abuser is a man of power and popularity contrasted against their helplessness. Its your responsibility to make your church a VERY uncomfortable place for a predator to seek out victims.  The actions of sex abusers hurt everyone. Especially the church.

We may have missed some important information that others need to be aware of, so RCA always appreciates your help and watchful eyes. If you want to report a crime or case from a credible news source or public court record, use our easy iReport form.  Or if you have a personal story you want to share, click here. Personal stories, once submitted, become the property of Report COGIC Abuse.

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Guidelines on abuse reporting to RCA

May 8, 2013 1 comment

Its been over three years since Report COGIC Abuse launched an unprecedented outreach which contained elements of confrontation and comfort. Confrontation to those in leadership who would abuse, manipulate and damage God’s people and comfort for the victims of such abuses.

Our reporting portal receives numerous reports each month and while we are grateful that people see RCA as a place they can share information that would otherwise be dismissed by church leaders, we simply cannot be all things to everyman.

About domestic violence, sexual infidelity situations

blkwomanReports of spousal abuse, abandonment and the likes are tragic examples of why COGICs Men’s Ministry and its Womens Department should step up (or institute) its efforts to address domestic battery, infidelity (adultery) and relational deception among its male and female attendees, respectively.  The problems are real and no amount of pentecostal praise is going to whitewash it away. Reports to RCA of such occurences are increasing and reveal that many women are suffering in silence while their husbands enjoy accolades for their preaching styles and membership building skills. And of course, their money paid to higher ups.

Our mission is to act as a restraint to those who abuse their authority and office in deference to their own carnal desires.  While Report COGIC Abuse will make every effort to help those who contact us, issues of domestic violence should be referred to local law enforcement authories. If a situation in the home has gotten beyond repair, we strongly encourage a certified report in writing to appropriate church authorities (bishop, executive secretary) in hopes that some form of discipline will be applied. If church authorities fail to respond or excuse malfeasance in one if its credentialed leaders, RCA will assist in exposing the problem.

God said divorce  is detestable (Malachi 2:16). If possible, and true repentance with proof of behavior change is evident, we encourage husbands and wives to reconcile and stay together.

Poll: Did sexual abuse or sexual immorality make you EXCOGIC?

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Untold numbers of families leave the Church of God in Christ each year due to the sexual immorality or sexual abuse of a pastor, bishop, superintendent and other leaders. Some are forced to leave, while others leave because they can no longer tolerate a leader who has betrayed their trust.  Are you or someone you know one of them? Have you left the Church of God in Christ because you or someone in your family was sexually abused? Have you or someone you know been “forced out” of the COGIC because you spoke up against sexual immorality in leader? Did you or someone you know leave the church because you were threatened due to information you knew about a leader?If this is you we want to hear and tell your story.

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes,  take our poll.

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Report COGIC Abuse applauds decision to remove Enoch Perry III as COGIC chief counsel

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perry-enochThe man at the center of many of COGIC’s incredibly bad legal decisions since 1996 is no longer chief counsel of the nation’s largest black pentecostal denomination. Bishop Enoch Perry of Washington, DC didn’t make the cut of retained appointments announced recently at the denomination’s annual leadership conference in Atlanta, GA.

Perry had been COGIC’s chief behind-the-scenes architect of sexual abuse “policy” in the last few years. He’s navigated church leadership though numerous legal waters with ubiquitous ease, donning different faces depending on which court room he happened to find himself in. In November 2009,  when Bishop Charles Blake dropped a bombshell announcement that his denomination spent on a yearly average $800,000 to settle sexual abuse claims against the church,  he actually thanked Perry for his cacophony of supporting distortions.

Report COGIC Abuse obtained a copy of the 2008 court deposition of Church of God in Christ top “legal counsel” Enoch Perry who testified under oath that COGIC has virtually no control over its ministers or churches.  But that admission quickly caught the former judge in a series of exchanges where he was less than truthful. The deposition occured in early September 2008, almost a year prior to the approaching sexual abuse trial of Rev. Sherman Allen, a former top COGIC church official.

In March 2011, Perry was the target of a widely circulated letter by the church’s COO James Smith. The seven page letter with almost 4000 words[pdf], accused the church’s top legal man of a plethora of legal, ethical and financial improprieties. The letter, in effect predicted a looming financial doomsday for the Church of God in Christ and laid the blame at the feet of its  “incompetent” counsel  Enoch Perry III.

Regrettably, I must bring to your attention the ongoing dilemma which the National Church has dealt with for many years and will continue to face as a result of the grossly ineffective, entirely inadequate and extremely costly representation being afforded to date by our General Counsel, Judge Enoch Perry, III. As I will address more fully below, in less than a one (1) year time span, the National Church has paid out over $1,000,000 solely due to the lack of sufficient legal acumen and fatal errors in judgment by our General Counsel.

Smith was retained as COO during the leadership conference and Perry was replaced by Ulysses Henderson a somewhat unknown church attorney who is mentioned in the April 2010  General Assembly minutes as participating in a phone call regarding contracts for the national convocation. Henderson’s photo was conspicuously missing from an official poster featuring the new and retained appointees.

General Board poll closes tomorrow

November 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Over 22,000 votes have been cast in our nonscientific general board election poll. But that poll will close tomorrow.  It is enhanced with facebook and tweet links to ensure your candidate has the maximum vote power.

RCA seeking legal analyst

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Report COGIC Abuse is seeking a legal analyst for general opinion/commentary on cases involving clergy sexual abuse, land-property issues, and various other COGIC related situations involving legal aspects.

Description: A legal analyst is a legal professional who thinks about legal problems, developing written communications which summarize legal issues and discuss several approaches to legal challenges.

RCA seeks to help COGIC laypersons understand more fully what legal ramifications could come to bear as cases arise at greater frequency. In addition, analyze and interpret official denominational responses to legal issues, proposed policy in the aforementioned spectrum.

Qualifications desired: knowledge of jurisprudence and how it may apply to religiously connected issues, a member or former member of COGIC with a good working knowledge of COGIC polity and US sexual abuse laws.  Will consider mature law student.

This position is unpaid and voluntary. If interested, please contact Toni Loving, staff researcher at In the subject line, please include “legal analyst”.

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