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COGIC debuts new National Deliverance Ministry

Deliverance-Ministry-Top-Brochure-as-of-10-21-14Has the Church of God in Christ finally realized it has a serious national problem on its hands? Has it glimpsed the littered trail of broken people spanning decades of church history? Has it recognized the need to acknowledge that much of the hurt, brokenness and devastation did not come from without but from within? Perhaps they have but it remains to be seen.

Earlier this month, the denomination, known for its pentecostal exuberance and flashy church attire, has launched a new ministry venture, one we hope will be what it is advertised to be. Called COGIC Ministries of Deliverance with the tag “Hope, Healing and Restoration”. EX-drug addict Bishop Roger L. Jones of Flint, MI was named National Director. Jones’ own story of descending into drug addiction while in office as a COGIC bishop may add a needed layer of authenticity to the ministry only if COGIC’s obsessive desire to institutionalize all of its departments doesn’t cause an early demise.

The ministry seems yet undefined. Is it a ministry geared towards leaders or a ministry for all COGIC members who have experienced various forms of brokenness?

On Jones’ facebook page, a graphic cites a quote from him inviting leaders to talk to him. “Leadership needs someone to talk to before we have another pastoral suicide. Therefore I’ll listen”, it says. Call 810-610-1713

But the official flier released by COGIC makes no references to the ministry being geared to leaders.  A statement on the flier is attributed to Jones as well.

“This ministry is for those who are struggling and hurt, but need healing and deliverance. As a church we must be prepared to minister and witness to this deeply distressed and troubled world. As we continue to grow and expand in various ministries, we must be prepared to develop a process for recovery, total honesty and transparency in healing the hurts and restoring our congregations, our families and our communities.”

This could be very good news for the numerous victims of clergy sexual abuse. It could be good news to the untold numbers of young men who are struggling with homosexuality, some of them have had their sexual innocence stolen by church leaders. If you have been wounded by the church and still in state of brokenness, call Bishop Jones and see what’s really being offered. Other than the number on the flier, there’s no website, no plans, no nothing to give an indication that this ministry is ready for the work its advertised.  For a denomination this size and with the damage so obvious and widespread, that’s not a good sign. We’re willing to give COGIC the benefit of the doubt, but healing broken people and returning them to wholeness requires more than just a flier. We will continue to watch…and report till victory is won.

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