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Is disbarred lawyer Javier Bailey speaking for Bishop Brandon Porter?

The strange case involving Bishop Brandon Porter, Supt Linwood Dilliard and Pastor Frederick Smith took another strange twist with a statement by disbarred Memphis attorney Javier Bailey regarding the matter.javier-bailey After just a week of Report COGIC Abuse posting the story, Porter had Smith and his church’s name scrubbed from the Tennessee Central website. See here.
No stranger to controversy himself, Bailey posted on an October 1st Facebook discussion about Smith and Porter that he needed to correct a misconception by Memphis radio host Thaddeus Matthews.
I want to briefly correct this post. I am officially stating that Frederick Smith , nor his Church, are operating under the supervision and authority of Church Of God In Christ . Sup. Linwood Dillard is not the person that told me that. Pastor Smith admits that he is not under the authority and supervision of COGIC. It is my opinion that Pastor Smith is very distraught . I spoke with him as a fellow clergic [sic] and in hopes of some healing in this matter.”
If Linwood Dillard didn’t tell Bailey that, then who did? Bishop Brandon Porter? How can a disbarred lawyer “officially” speak for Tennessee Central Jurisdiction without the approval of its official leader? Perhaps what Bailey isn’t saying is more important than what he is saying.
A tale of two policies
COGIC seems to have a flexible release policy when it comes to certain situations its ministers are caught in. Policy A deals with those who legitimately want to transfer jurisdictions or leave the denomination because of the abuse of a bishop. Policy B deals with clergy sex predators.  Using Policy A, such cases are stridently opposed and prosecuted sometimes in civil courts. If the case involves property and money the denomination wants, they enforce COGIC “constitutional laws” with few exceptions.  Just ask Elder Ronald Stidham whose father Joshua Stidham, founded and built Emmanuel COGIC in Wichita, Kansas.
Policy B seems to cover men who are caught in sexual scandals. These individuals are given a quick release to leave the denomination with nothing more than a meaningless statement like the one above. Officials, like Porter and Dillard, remain tight lipped, adhering to Bishop Charles Blake’s mandatory silence edict unless a lawsuit forces their lips open. Sexual wolves are set free to roam as long as they drop the COGIC name. They can keep property, money and whatever else they have acquired while members of the COGIC.
With Policy B, COGIC can easily distance itself from any sexually immoral pastor. For example, when  Orlando Wallace an elder at Lakeview Community Temple was arrested and charged with aggravated statutory rape and sexual exploitation of a 15 year old girl, the church’s pastor quickly invoked Policy B. “He`s a minister, but he don`t work here.  He`s just a preacher here.” Wallace had been an elder at the church for seven years.
Although disbarred and discredited, Bailey said he still advises COGIC entities. “Finally , I do advise several jurisdictions across the nation on ecclesiastical matters. However I am not a part of the Southeast District of Central Jurisdiction. It is my hope that there be clarity and that all of your viewers and FB Friends know that COGIC has nothing to do with this matter.”, he said.
We asked how much did Porter and Dilliard know about Smith’s sexual proclivities and when did they know it. That may never be answered by the involved parties, but God allows deception to eventually ensnare the deceivers.
Bailey is the former attorney for Tennessee Headquarters Jurisdiction, where Frederick Smith was also a member in 2007.
  1. October 15, 2014 at 12:26 am

    Mr. Foster:
    I have made several efforts to contact you with regard to your comments on the matters mentioned within this post. I believe that it is blatantly unfair for you to make negative comments about me and/or my public statements without reaching out to me in order to get the story from ” the horses mouth”. The truth is that Mr. Thaddeus Matthews reached out to me in order to get clarification on issues relating to Pastor Frederick Smith and COGIC. After speaking with me on the air, he asked that I post a comment in order to clarify any misconceptions. However Facebook had suspended his ability to post for 30 days, so he asked that I leave the corrections as a comment on the subject post. The truth is that I never made any comments on behalf of Bishop Brandon Porter or Superintendent Linwood Dillard. I contacted the General Secretary’s Office and I spoke with Pastor Smith. My comments were based upon those conversations and thus I called them “official.”

    With regard to my disbarment as a Tennessee Attorney, I spend the past 20 years handling social issues and civil rights issues and came under attack after handling cases for Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rainbow PUSH and Rev. Al Sharpton and several police brutality cases. After a lengthy battle with the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility, I decided to surrender my license under a voluntary disbarment rather than continue fighting a battle that I chose not to fight. I was never discredited and was never found to be unethical by any tribunal. I simply decided to stand on my principles and walk away. Accordingly it is equally unfair for you to suggest that I am a “deceiver”. I invite you to contact me at javierbailey@gmail.com or 901-859-8689 and get my side of the story, if you are really interested in the truth.

    Finally I represented Mr. Thaddeus Matthews for many years and often advised him on issues discussed on his radio and television broadcasts. He will disagree with you on my intent and my truthfulness. I have always defended those persons who were unable to speak for themselves against the established power structures and institutional attackers. Please give me the same courtesies that you would expect if you were in my shoes.

    • October 15, 2014 at 4:49 pm

      Mr. Bailey,a few things you may have missed:
      1. I linked to the WREG story in which you explained your side of the disbarrment situation, so there was no need to rehash all of that again.
      2. This story questioned whether your comments could have been made on behalf of Brandon Porter since your original statement pointedly specified Linwood Dillard did not speak to you. Since those two are the immediate “authorities” in the matter, it raises the pertinent question. However, if you are now excluding Porter as a source of your “official” statement, then it is what it is. You seem to be now saying the Office of the General Secretary told you this.
      3. The sentence referring to “deceivers” made no mention of you, so you are probably reading too much into it.
      4. It is a completely acceptable practice to opine or question a person’s public comments without prior approval from the person.
      5. I think your explanation of the use of “official” in connection with your statement invites more questions, but will suffice as is.

  2. October 16, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    This is really sad how this confusion has started over a unhappy member that works hand in hand with Thaddeus Matthews to try to assassinate another persons character. The best advice for people is to stop reporting things that are based on a letter that any one can produce. We need to stop being messy and creating blogs that can be helpful but hurtful at the same time. Your blog should be based on facts and not tearing someone down based on another persons so called facts. In this particular case another mans sexuality is being questioned because of a lie that started within,( a angry member not knowing that what they plotted would get out of hand). I am not the only one who knows how Mr. Matthews works. With years of making the truth sound like a lie and a lie sound true who wouldn’t fall for such public corruption. This world is filled with evil and deception that only I must say that one day will all come to an end, with God being the ultimate judge. May God have mercy on us because it is sad to even see how those who you think would know better don’t especially in the black community. We have hurt each other long enough. Paying people to read scripts to say they are your lover and making up lie after lie is sad. I did not realize how many simple minded people we have in this world until now, Just saying…. Proverbs Chapter 12 vs. 18 ” Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. God Bless.

    • October 16, 2014 at 5:37 pm

      Ms Simmons, its good to have facts. You seem to be saying that you have facts missing from this article or the wider discussion on the issue. Feel free to share the facts and correct any errors you see. For instance, exactly who is this “unhappy member”? What was the person unhappy about specifically? Do you know for a fact that Pastor Smith did not pay another man for sexual activity? Has he engaged in any homosexual activity in the past? If so, how long ago? Did he repent and turn away from it? Was he removed from Tennessee Central Jurisdiction ONLY because of a rumor by an “unhappy member”? Was the police report he filed false? Lots of questions if you feel that you have the missing facts.

  3. October 16, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    Why wasn’t Thaddeus Matthews made to reveal his sources before these lies got to you, if you are going to make allegations, at least report who did it, so who is he protecting? I know that this Pastor is not gay. He didn’t pay for sex either, see this had to be said to make him look bad. I notice the unhappy member never talked about all the light bills, rents, food, clothes, and others things he gave out to others that needed it , wow. I read he was robbed so where does buying sex come from, oh the unhappy member. As a matter of fact here in the South anytime we want to tear a preacher down we will say they are gay. Saying that they are gay or lesbian gets the attention quicker because this brings about a fear to religious groups. Trust me it will bring shaking to the city!!!! when the truth about this man is revealed and those behind it. I have learned that a lie don’t care who tell it.Thaddeus always uses this if you pay attention and its always a letter sent from somebody.These people will turn on each other just watch. I have spoken with the unhappy member that is trying to see what should she do next to rectify the situation. See she/they didn’t know it would get this far. She only wanted to assassinate his character by using he was gay because see that’s the going thing to grasp the peoples attention especially in the COGIC church.( This looks bad) Its bad that this line is used so much to hurt preachers in the church especially since people think the world will believe this one anyway because its so popular among churches) . This is no show this is a life, husband, father, mentor, etc….. Oh and the unhappy member was unhappy because she was being corrected for her ungodly behavior. See these days this generation don’t like correction and order. I bet Bishop Mason rolling in his grave.

    The police report is public record so I was able to investigate that and had two witnesses that where from college that saw what happened. Reports can’t specify injuries that haven’t been diagnosed yet so how can one say that Mr. Smith never had a broken arm? Report was taken around 9p.m. but remember earlier in the unhappy member statement she said 2a.m.( Although the report was taken at 9p.m. the incident happened 2 hours prior). The report was misleading. God Bless

  4. October 21, 2014 at 12:42 am

    This story about Thadd Matthews being a bogus news source. Let me say Thaddeus Matthews is telling the TRUTH. His tactics may be crude & he may cuss a lot, but he’s telling the truth! Its ironic that the person calling Thaddeus a liar has the last name of Lisa Simmons (Simmons is the madden name of Fredrick Smith’s wife).

    Folks said he was a liar when he said Steven Wigley & Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips. Time proved he was telling the truth! He telling the truth about Fredrick Smith too. Like it or not he is bringing out hidden demons in the church. How can a Preacher (Eld. Harry White of Brandon Porter’s Church), have sex with a man on Saturday and then lay hands of people in church on Sunday?

    Harry White just came into church last Sunday & apologized for his behavior (Homosexuality). But he still has not been taken down out of a position of authority.
    Women, do you really want you young son’s to be around a Preacher engaged in homosexual activity? Do you think for a min. that given time & opportunity, your child wouldn’t be a victim too?

  5. October 29, 2014 at 8:38 pm

    Lester nice to know you support Thaddeus but do you know Frederick Smith personally? One bad apple doesn’t rotten everyone. Also Simmons is a common last name so sorry to let you know I don’t know the wife but it appears you either know them or been gossiping. Please understand its a difference between lie and truth. My question is why aren’t the people who started these lies exposed……. Until you have facts Lester keep praying God grants mercy on a man that has started such a unfavorable time for a man such as Pastor Smith whom has a wife, and children that means well instead of the person you believe him to be from a lair. God Bless

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