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Update: Pastor accused of mismanagement “exonerated” by COGIC

There was no evidence of an investigation provided and no indication as to who performed the investigation, nor how long it lasted, but an article in the Grand Rapids Times reported that the embattled former pastor of  Davis Memorial Church of God in Christ had been “exonerated by the Church of God in Christ”.

RCA reported on the internal tempest at the church here.

The church alleged that since Bishop PA Brooks installed Eric Slack as pastor of Davis Memorial, Slack had discontinued paper bank statements, registered an online banking account, spent $13,000 without authorization and racked up $6,000 in bank overdraft charges. Typical of local COGIC churches seeking crisis intervention from the bishop, none came. Letters and calls to Brooks and Michigan SW 2nd jurisdictional officials went unanswered. The silence of their leaders forced the church board to file a police report and launch a criminal investigation. Subsequently, Slack was removed from office pending outcome of the ongoing investigation.

RCA discovered that SW Michigan Bishop Earl Wright and an entourage went to the church in an attempt to reinstall Slack. But that meeting ended with open threats and violence prompting police to forcibly disband the meeting. A handwritten sign on the church door read  “Church is cancelled until further notice per board of trustees.”

The news report said that it was also Bishop Earl Wright who sent the exoneration letter clearing Slack of all the charges.

Despite the exoneration, Slack did not return to Davis Memorial, but instead started another church in the city. Slack sent RCA a copy of the article, but not the letter.

slack article

  1. September 24, 2014 at 5:08 pm

    Did the local authorities ever investigate?

    • September 24, 2014 at 5:19 pm

      The article says no charges were filed against him by the GR police department. That could be interpreted several different ways.

  2. October 4, 2014 at 7:38 pm

    Exonerated by whom???? He is still a liar and the truth ain’t in him. For example, this is an old picture that was submitted to the Grand Rapids Times, who by the way failed to properly investigate the facts surrounding this incident before publishing this story. The picture shown here was from an old event at Davis Memorial prior to Slack being asked to resign after it was discovered he stole church money. The picture shown here has no relationship to this article or his false claim of being exonerated. The case is still under investigation and he still the lying thief that he was convicted for being…

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