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Former COGIC pastor found “not guilty” in lewdness charges

Update on a story RCA first reported  here.  A Las Vegas jury found Pastor Billy McCurdy not guilty of lewdness charges after a  trial in 2013.  KSNV 3 Las Vegas said the case was decided mainly on a strange retraction by one of the accusers.

mccurdy“For more than two years, a pastor has lived with accusations of sexual assault involving two young men at Revival Temple Church.
On Thursday, Billy McCurdy heard the words he’s been waiting for — not guilty. The charges could have meant life in prison. The accusations came in late 2010. But then, one of those men recanted to News 3.  The transcript of that interview was read to the jury — a strange but pivotal part of the case.  McCurdy continues to serve at Revival Temple Church. On Friday, he will be there — with a different message: “It’ll be jubilee, we can celebrate, our liberation, our freedom,” McCurdy said. McCurdy says he is happy to move forward but has lost so much — more than two years of strife and a daughter who, he says, passed away from an overdose as she unable to live with the stress of the trial.”

But a detractor quickly set up a facebook page asserting that evidence was withheld.

“I am creating this page, to allow the public to know the truth, the truth about Billy E. Mccurdy. Billy Mccurdy was recently found not guilty on many sex charges that he faced concerning two EXmembers of Revival Temple. What the public does not know is that, much of the evidence against Billy Mccurdy was kept from the investigation and trial to help Billy Mccurdy go free. Billy Mccurdys life time partner, as stated by Billy himself, Rodney K. Chaney who is a deacon of Revival Temple and Senior Vice President of Bank of Las Vegas also helped to cover up the truth. Rodney Chaney assisted Mccurdy to help invite young men over late at night and Billy Mccurdy would engage in sex with them. One young man was even paid to leave the state after stating that he got what he wanted from them.”

Its unclear whether McCurdy is still functioning as a credentialed COGIC pastor.


  1. Minfred Thomas
    September 14, 2014 at 5:59 pm

    God Bless
    I have one Problem with this Statement and the Face Book Page and it is WHY ARE YOU HIDDEN IN THE DARK and Yelling out from the Darkness?
    You are making a VERY ungodly Statement about a Man of GOD If this man did this GOD is the only one who will and Can BRING it to LIGHT You put yourself at RISK by accusing him of something Ungodly. I know EVERYONE involved in this Matter And all of them are GOOD People except for the RING LEADER (yes I know HER and HER ways), But it is NOT my place to mock or MARK her it is GODS.
    I have SEEN GOD move within this Church the members are all BLESSED, The Pastor (B.E. McCurdy) Worked 2 Jobs and NEVER have I heard or seen him ask his Member for anything,
    I have SEEN this man of God GIVE to the Homeless out of his Pocket Not from the Church Funds, I have seen him RUN to Aid his Members in time of NEED, I have HEARD and SEEN him sit people (Other Church Member) down who come saying they have a word from GOD to share and after they ask for money and he tell them “We do NOT do that in this Church” The word of GOD is FREE. I have NEVER SEEN ANYTHING ODD about Pastor B.E. McCurdy or the Decon other than trying to PROTECT his Members from Wolves.
    If you KNOW this man to to Ungodly and you can PROVE it then WHY are you HIDDEN in the DARK GOD Said to STAND UP and be Counted. If you want people to Believe you SHOW YOUR FACE
    You talk like this man is a Gangster People are afraid of him WHY?
    I seen him EXTENDING the Hand of Fellowship to ALL who stood and ACCUSED him Every SUNDAY Morning, He is not UPSET with them he is MORE CONCERNED about them then anything He SPEAKS of nothing but FORGIVENESS for what they have done and WANT them to COME BACK to Fellowship, I even seen LaDerial there from time to time But all his other brother and sisters are coming back and the Young man you Stated LEFT TOWN I see him all the time here in Las Vegas working his same job But no hide or hair of the RING LEADER or her Daughter any where (Hum wonder if she was the one to leave town?)
    But any way IF YOU KNOW of something to be TRUE then why are you HIDING in the DARK
    You Started a Face Book Page of UNGODLY Statements and Acts and you can not use your REAL NAME or PICTURE!!!!!! I did NOT SEE any HIDDEN PROOF on there either
    If Pastor McCurdy did this and you have MORE PROOF then the SYSTEM let people know and SEE it as you said you know of it
    GOD will be the JUDGE NOT YOU you are really setting yourself up NOT Pastor McCurdy……

    Brother THOMAS

    • September 15, 2014 at 6:18 pm

      My suggestion is that you post the above objections on the facebook page cited.

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