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Seattle area COGIC pastor jailed for fraud

Our thanks to Sis Barbara McHenry for reporting this to us. What a sad and shameful thing for pastors and elders to take advantage of the elderly saints.

Sis McHenry writes:
“I am writing to inform you of a case in Seattle/Tacoma Washington. Pastor Peter DodsonDance or Peter Dance  and [pending confirmation] have finally had their day in court and Peter Dance was sentenced to 2years jail for taking advantage of God’s people through his Mortgage company. He talked my mother into re-financing her home at age 65 creating a second mortgage resulting in her  home being foreclosed.  While moving her personal belonging it was discovered that he borrowed money from her with a promissory note attached from the proceed.  He has not paid the money back as with many of his other victims of predatory lending practices.

100308_Peter_DodsondancePastor Peter Dodsondance is a preacher in the COGIC church.  He along with [pending confirmation] took advantage of the kindness of church members in Washington State through his Mortgage business.  He caused many people to lose their homes, including my mother, Ella McHenry.  He talked her in to taking a second mortgage on her property at 65-year-old.    His predatory practices have now landed him in jail.”

More on DodsonDance’s criminal activities here and here.

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