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In an email to RCA, Dr. Donald Barrett asserts legal victory

donaldbarrettquoteDr. Donald Barrett is a man on a mission to clear his name. Report COGIC Abuse was the first to tell you about the lawsuits levied against the National church, Southern California 2nd Jurisdiction as well as several local churches in California and Arizona by two women who alleged the former Southern California 2nd Administrative Assistant had engaged in sexual acts with them among other charges. Read here, here and here for previous reports. RCA was informed that Barrett is scheduled to appear this weekend at New First COGIC in Chicago Heights, IL pastored by Bishop Robert Sanders.

Now, according to a letter sent to RCA, Barrett makes several counter allegations including accusing our site of  doing “irreparable damage to me, my family and my ministry”.  He requested that his email telling his side of the story be printed for all to read. In the spirit of fairness, RCA is reprinting the email verbatim for public review.

April 5, 2013

I write you with the assumption that you are a person who desires to expose the genuine truth. And if in fact, you are a person of righteousness, I pray you will post this letter and information therein, on your blog. First, let me start by saying, the case against me (Donald K. Barrett), my wife (Ruth) and any churches I have pastored, has been dismissed. Yes, Dismissed…there are no court actions pending against me. God has given us victory in this situation. “No weapon formed against thee, shall prosper…Isa. 54-17”. I would like to share with you the fact that the way the information was presented concerning the allegations against me on your blog known as COGIC ABUSE WATCH has done irreparable damage to me, my family and my ministry, simply because you took unsubstantiated allegations and presented them as truth; To present allegations in this fashion is paramount to passing judgment and entering a conviction without the benefit of a hearing or a trial. Certainly, this is neither done in a United States Court of Law, nor the Kingdom of God.

Therefore, I am writing to you to shed light on just a few things that did not show up in the plaintiff’s allegations filed in this civil matter. The two women who filed this civil lawsuit were allegedly lesbian lovers. Both women are in their middle to upper forties (40s).

The woman whom I had known for more than ten years (Ms. Harris)… is a woman, who had just in the past five or six years, had a case in the California courts against her for child endangerment; my wife and I worked with the California Department of Children and Family Services to keep her two children from being taken from her. This woman was a member of my church and that’s how we both knew her.

This was a case of jealous rage, hatred and a promise by Ms. Jones, who made the threatening statement, “I will do all I can to destroy you”.

Your blog reported that my wife attempted to offer Ms. Jones “hush money”. This is totally untrue! Ms. Jones asked for money in a written letter she gave to Bishop McKinney, who in turn gave the letter to me, where she asked me for $5,000.00 for her medical bills. Then instead of taking the money as SHE had requested, she decided to file a lawsuit – hoping for a bigger payday.

The blog you have written with its commentary is one-sided and bias against me and my ministry. I would be ever so pleased if you would report the outcome of this civil case, in this same arena where the allegations were reported.

I feel compelled to make you aware, that in December 2011, the plaintiff, Ms. Harris called my home and spoke to my wife and then to me and stated that, “the lawsuit is not my doing”. Ms. Harris stated that this lawsuit was Ms. Jones’ idea and she didn’t want to go forward with the suit. Are you aware that Ms. Harris, during her interrogatories give 10-12 dates and times when she was supposedly with me romantically? ALL these dates were impossible, because I was either out of state in Arizona teaching a bible class or at a national COGIC convention with my wife. Ms. Harris’ credibility could not, and did not hold up.

Ms. Harris and Ms. Jones’ lawyers and investigators, investigated my pastorate and ministries, going back at least twenty-five (25) years. These lawyers questioned and deposed former members, and leaders I had served and found nothing that would even hint to any improprieties or wrongdoings of any kinds and/or nature of sexual misconduct. They discovered nothing but praise from those I have served and served with. These same lawyers subpoenaed my financial and bank records for over the past twelve (12) years and no improprieties were found. My record is good and clean and still is.

I have been in ministry for almost forty (40) years and pastoring since 1989. I have NEVER been accused of sexual misconduct or misconduct of any kind until now. I have never been arrested for anything! Am I a perfect individual? No. But, my record speaks for itself.

It must be stated that there has been no cover-up or attempt to cover up by me, my wife or anyone associated with me.

The case has been dismissed against me. I am yet a member of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. If, in fact you are a crusader for righteousness, I pray, that rather than continuing to allow these flames of destruction to blaze, present, at least more than one side of this story. For that would be the truest example of righteousness and would also, pay homage to the scripture which implores us in I Corinthians 4:5 “Therefore, judge nothing before the time…” Should you desire to discuss this matter with me further, I invite you reply to this email in order to contact me for that express cause.  Dr. Donald K. Barrett

Postscript: RCA did reply to this email informing Dr. Barrett that we would review all our published articles to see if there was any merit to his claim. We also informed him that we were aware of information that would prove these latest claims of his false. He did not respond. We will present that information in a followup to this story.

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