Get right or Get out?

At the close of last year’s convocation, Bishop Charles Blake gave an impassioned speech about pedophiles and child molesters getting out of COGIC.  “Get right or Get” out became the memorable echo line of Blake’s speech. But was he serious? Apparently he wasn’t or he is powerless to remove an obvious child molester that stood on the platform with him during the Convocation.  Four months, after the speech, Charles Brown is still in COGIC and still not right. Brown’s presence is a raw offense to victims of the church but yet he was allowed to occupy a position of honor as if he had done no wrong. We know that not to be true because Bishop Blake you and the General Board paid his victims money to keep his wicked sex crimes concealed.  Bishop Blake, at what point are you going to get right and remove this wicked man from office? If you show favoritism to your friends, your speech was nothing but empty words and hot air. The appropriate idiom would be a “dog and pony show”.


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