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“Always Liars”: A letter from Bishop RE Ranger, part III

Part 3 of 4 CAPS are the Author’s

Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, had a very special word to Titus who like Timothy was called  “Mine own Son” or “My true child”. He set forth his authority as a servant of God and an APOSTLE OF JESUS CHRIST. Titus had been left on an Island called Crete. There was a special purpose in having left him in that one place. The CHURCH was there in that there were many believers in Christ Jesus, but the believers had little organization.

Titus had a job that required activity and judgment. The activity was that he might really know the needs of the people, and the judgment was to be exercised in selecting from among them leaders in sufficient numbers, but the leaders must have the quality of blameless Bishops over the flock. We may be certain that the Cretians had many points of strength that made them acceptable as CHRISTIAN CONVERTS. But the Cretians also had three particular things with which their characters were found to be blemished. (1) There were in reputations as “Always liars” (2) evil beasts (3) slow bellies. Among them were “Many unruly” and “Vain talker and “Deceivers”.

What a list of disadvantages to be overcome! Slow bellies; evil beasts, always liars. Deceivers, Wild Beasts, Idle Bellies. Gluttonous, and in all things a sensual people—-always liars! How can we reconcile this to the call of Christ?

What is sin? Wherein may it be found to be indulged? Who fathered it? Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar and the father of it. John 8:44. This description us if the FATHER OF LIES and the description in Titus, just read from Chapter 1 describes an entire people; a people from whom came CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS! Among them: (1)the unruly (2)Vain Talkers (3)Deceivers, whose mouths must be stopped; those who subvert whole houses, teachers of things that they ought not; wrong teaching being done for FILTHY LUCRE’S SAKE. How many labor not to proclaim the truth, but to subvert hearers for FILTHY LUCRE’S SAKE? Listen while men talk. Know their purposes, not of their words. “Buy the truth and sell it not”

Slow bellies, evil beasts, ALWAYS LIARS!!!  Liars in the Cretian Church; liars not to be indulged and excused but to be sharply rebuked for the purpose of producing a soundness in t heir faith. This is the pattern and purpose of God. He has placed himself on record in Psalms 101:7: He that worketh deceit shall not swell in my house; he that telleth lies shall not tarry in my sight.” God is not dead; God has not changed; God will not lie!

CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST, MY BRETHREN, let us seek nothing but the truth. You all are aware of the fact that a Senior Bishop of the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST was elected to that position December 7, 1962. The so-called “EXECUTIVE BOARD” now claims by sworn oath that they only elected a SENIOR BISHOP, of the BOARD. ALWAYS LIARS! You know that the so-called “EXECUTIVE BOARD” was chosen to serve in leadership only until another SENIOR BISHOP has been elected for the CHURCH. THEY CLAIM unlimited power. ALWAYS LIARS! You know that the CONSTITUTION provides that the Senior Bishop shall appoint all State Overseers, now State Bishops. The so-called “EXECUTIVE BOARD” claims it now has the power to make such appointments without either CHURCH LAW or custom or practice to support such a claim. ALWAYS LIARS! You know that two years was the time that passed by while Bishop Ozro T. Jones was recognized in all portions of the UNITED CHURCH, by reason of this election. He asked for a financial accounting from all of the DEPARTMENTS. The so-called “EXECUTIVE BOARD IMMEDIATELY BEGAN A FIGHT CLAIMING ALL THE POWER OF THE OFFICE. to which he was duly elected.; then claiming to be the BOARD OF BISHOPS, THEN CLAIMING THE POWERS OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY TO LEGISLATE only as they dictated. ALWAYS LIARS!

Now, they come claiming the power and right to call a SPECIAL CONSTITUTIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Its purpose has not been announced, but you may be certain that they are only seeking to enhance power for themselves by other false claims. ALWAYS LIARS!

They claimed under oath in Birmingham, Ala. to have held a GENERAL ASSEMBLY November 17, 1965 on YPWW DAY, in which they amended the CONSTITUTION, giving themselves special power to do as they choose and making the OFFICE OF THE  SENIOR BISHOP just a small honor. No discussion, no notice, no announcement. Just, we did it!  ALWAYS LIARS!

jopsrTHE GENERAL SECRETARY [Bishop JO Patterson, Sr.] of the CHURCH SWORE UNDER OATH, in Birmingham, Ala that Bishop O.T. Jones was not nominated of the CHURCH, only Senior Bishop of this BOARD. A letter which had to admit bore his signature was produced in open court, stating that he had thrown his “Great influence” behind Bishop OT Jones as SENIOR BISHOP of the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST because Bishop AB McEwen had widely circulated certain scandals regarding his moral conduct. ALWAYS LIARS!

The same man swore under oath, in the same COURTROOM that he never signed any Credentials with Bishop OT Jones as SENIOR BISHOP, appointing any man a STATE BISHOP at any time since he had been in OFFICE. Bishop Eurie [James Eure?] of Maryland was able to catch the plane that same night from Baltimore , Md and produce his Credentials in the COURT; its signature had to be admitted to the JUDGE! ALWAYS LIARS! Now caught!!!

Do not be alarmed by certain carefully selected portions of transcript that have been elected for circulation in certain areas from the Birmingham, Ala case. The full record of the transcript is feared. it will show men who are always liars! Lying under oath is perjury, you know. In the State of Alabama the penalty upon a conviction, is from two to twenty years in the penitentiary. Why must men be ALWAYS LIARS?

  1. thepreacha
    April 25, 2013 at 4:45 am

    Correction to your piece. The late Bishop Dewitt Arthur Scott Burton was not the General Secretary at the time …the person that is referred to later went on to head the church as Presding Bishop. Check it out for yourself. But since Bishop Burton’s picture was there thought I should point out it was not him…..

    • April 26, 2013 at 2:23 pm

      Thanks for this correction. Was JO Patterson referred to openly as the “General Secretary” during this period of unrest? IF so, at what point did DA Burton assume that position?

  2. thepreacha
    May 5, 2013 at 1:46 am

    He assumed the position after the elections of 1968. 1969 would have been his first official year in office after re-construction. Before then the Executive Commission was in charge along with the brief period after the death of Bishop Mason where Bishop O.T. Jones Sr. was Senior Bishop.

    • May 5, 2013 at 4:23 pm

      Ok, got it. Well I guess that means that JO Patterson is the one being referred to as a conniving liar.

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