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“Always Liars”: A letter from Bishop RE Ranger, part II

Part 2 of 4. CAPS are the Author’s Part 1

(9) We are now being told that the so called “EXECUTIVE BOARD” alone composes the BOARD OF BISHOPS. The others of you who are State Bishops must just pay your money and take “ORDERS”. Tell me, can a “baby” become his own father? The BOARD OF BISHOPS gave the authority to the so-called EXECUTIVE BOARD to function for one year in leadership or until another SENIOR BISHOP had been elected. The SUPREME COURT of the STATE of TEXAS holds, since its JUDGMENT was given in 1963, that the power to this group to act ceased  December 7, 1962, when Bishop Ozro T. Jones was elected SENIOR BISHOP. Only a Federal Court can overturn that judgment. Now, please tell me “How can a baby” become his own father? Bishop L.H. Ford, of Chicago, IL admitted in his sworn testimony in Kountze, Texas (Hardin County) when he and Bishop AB McEwen were there as representatives of the so called EXECUTIVE BOARD that the BOARD OF BISHOPS created the EXECUTIVE BOARD. He further admits under oath in court that they were to serve for 1963. COURT RECORDS WILL SHOW THIS! If according to his testimony, the BOARD OF BISHOPS created them for just one year, how have they now become the BOARD OF BISHOPS that created them? Somewhere, there is a dead cat on the line.

(10) If the BOARD OF BISHOPS is nothing, if the General Assembly is only a rubber stamp to validate the illegal actions taken in the Elder’s Council which has no legislative CONSTITUTIONAL powers, if the SENIOR BISHOPS office leaves him only as a figure head, why should the STATE BISHOPS who have the leadership of all of the people who compose the state assemblies all over the nation, continue “Fattening Frogs to feed Snakes?” Taxation without representation is tyranny. Suppose every STATE BISHOP just holds back his report until a little sense can percolate through a few of those who have BLOCK-HEADS? BISHOPS you do not have to fear these men. They have already shown themselves to be plain Hitler-Stalin type dictators. What would the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST be like if  they held power 10 years? I will answer; we would all be a group of spineless dupes and theological slaves!  God told Ezekiel, “Son of Man stand upon thy feet and I will speak to thee.” Ezekiel 2:1 If we want God to be among us and bless our labor the time has come for each of us to “stand upon our feet”.  This little group of twelve to fourteen men are not the BOARD OF BISHOPS. THEY ARE NOT THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, having sole legislative power in the CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST. We are all very certain that no one of them is the SENIOR BISHOP. Although the great trouble that we now must face really hinges on the fact that a great number of them want to be the SENIOR BISHOP THEMSELVES. As SENIOR BISHOP O. T. JONES will not hurry up and die as some of them were so very certain that he would when he was elected December 7, 1962, they are now seeking to seize the office by coldly, calculated, cunningly and determiningly designed “RAPE OF THE OFFICE”. Your money is being spent to promote this very cohesive and constantly concurring group of conspirators, of evil purpose. Have you been threatened? If you have not, watch it! You may expect to be before your get away from Memphis, Tenn. April 12-14, 1966.

Hear me today! There is no place that I seek in any capacity of leadership in the CHURCH. I have already won the battle in the courts of our State, that many of your states will have to win, if you State Bishops survive as leaders and not serve as SLAVES: HEAR MY WORDS TODAY! “I would rather speak the truth to ten than blandishments and lying to a million. Try it, ye who think there is nothing in it. Try what it is to speak with God behind you—to speak as as to be only the arrow in the bow which the Almighty draws” H.W.B.

Bad words are as influential as the plague and the pestilence. They have wrought more evil than battle, murder and sudden death. They creep through the ears into the heart, call up all of its bad passions and tempt it to break God ‘s commandments. A few bad words got into the ear  of the mother of mankind and they led here on to eat the forbidden fruit and thus to bring death into the world. G. Morgridge

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