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Reporting COGIC Abuse, circa 1965

bishoprangerThe abuse of power and authority by Church of God in Christ leadership wasn’t invented by this blog. The abuse began long before this blog or website was conceived, created or documented. It was also met with stiff resistance by courageous men who refused to allow titles and the lure of “legacy” to prevent them from speaking out against it. One such spiritual giants was the Bishop Richard E. Ranger a pioneer preacher from the state of Texas. Our work is dedicated to his memory, life and service to the Church of God in Christ despite the attempts by wicked leaders to diminish him.

RCA has obtained a copy of the letter written to the brethren of the church during the church’s so called “dark period”.  Bishop Ranger forcefully and publicly took on the denomination’s power hungry Executive Board with precision rebuke and pointed inspiration. He admonished the faithful to resist their ungodly (and illegal) moves to seize absolute power following the death of founder Bishop CH Mason.

Growing up I’d heard stories of Bishop Ranger. I’d never met him but I grew up in the same area of Texas he presided over. My state overseer, Bishop FL Haynes, was over the [undivided] Texas Northeast and Bishop Ranger lived in Fort Worth, geographically under TNE jurisdiction. The words I heard attached to Bishop Ranger’s name now ring familiar as the type of vicious branding often used by COGIC’s self divined aristocratic leadership to attack and isolate others who refuse to submit to their wicked agendas. Troublemaker. Fights leadership.  Bishop Ranger was portrayed as a man who stood against the good and perfect will of the sainted leadership of COGIC, thus hindering the progress of the church. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A person who has a fairly observant spiritual mind will see that COGIC leadership since the death of Bishop Mason is largely like the American media. They show you the people  and information they want you to see. Its filtered through their own desire to maintain the status quo deception as all things are well and normal.  Anyone who preaches against the wickedness of the leadership is generally blacklisted and barred from having visibility in the general meetings. They are still branded as “troublemakers” who won’t “follow leadership”. Not much has changed. Only the faces who have taught their successors well. But the deception and misuse of the Lord’s church and his people is still in full effect. The spirit of abuse, lying and wickedness still permeates COGIC’s leadership ranks and accounts for the rise of sexual abuses as well.

Tomorrow, we will publish the searing letter Bishop Richard Ranger wrote circa April 4th, 1966 warning the brethren of the abuse of a handful of bishops who hijacked the legacy of the founder for their own selfish means.

The 1965 Executive Board was comprised of  Bishops A.B. McEwen, J.S. Bailey, W.G. Shipman, Wyoming Wells, J. O. Patterson, Sr., C.E. Bennett, B. S. Lyle, John White, S. M. Crouch, E.E. Hamilton, and C. H. Brewer.

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