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General Assembly Chairman warns against election tricks

The COGIC Chairman of the General Assembly released a memorandum warning  “candidates for National Office and all individuals vying for positions in the national church”  (and their anonymous supporters) against releasing anonymous negative letters during the church’s convocation which begins Monday in St. Louis.

There is good reason for Elder James Hunt to release the admonition: its been a recurring character cesspool for the church. As Hunt’s memorandum noted, these letters are circulated to whip up wild speculation and fuel gossip in an attempt to smear whatever candidate is mentioned in the letter. To our knowledge, Hunt is the first to address it publicly. Which goes without saying that it is shameful it hasn’t been forcefully dealt with before by previous administrations.

COGIC’s bizarre culture of  secrecy and its anonymous rock throwers club has bred this type of scurrilous behavior. An underground cult of men who lead double lives as respected ministers, transform themselves into low class thugs during the elections. No one has traced any of it to a candidate which is reminiscent of mob behavior.

Hunt urged candidates and their anonymous surrogates to “take the high road” and consider that their actions reflect negatively on the church and even the Lord Jesus.

The question is will Hunt’s warning curtail any of the behavior.

Hunt became Chairman of the General Assembly when Bishop J.O. Patterson Jr. of Memphis died last summer.

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