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Election Series Review: General Board Candidate Brandon Porter

Bishop Brandon Porter is a 2012 candidate for the Church of God in Christ General Board.  We’d previously given campaign presentation honors to Virginia Bishop Ted Thomas, but Porter’s campaign materials, website and media  far eclipse all others in terms of professionalism.  The 53 year old Memphis native builds his campaign heavily on his COGIC roots. At one point in a promotional video, he seems to be campaigning for his father, rather than himself.

Appointed bishop after the death of his father, Porter’s platform is much more comprehensive than other contenders.  Perhaps that comes from his accumulated  years of “media” experience other bishops do not have. But despite the slick, well designed campaign, it still lacks congruence of definition and focus. An example of that is Porter’s rambling 21 minute campaign video.  He fails to get to the point quickly and instead takes the viewer on a journey through his church roots as if no one is aware of who he is.

The phrase “proven leader/leadership” must be a COGIC buzz phrase because most, if not all the candidates use it  to describe themselves. Porter is no different. To his credit, Porter’s brochure is much more succint. We suggest skipping everything and only read the brochure.

Posted prominently on his campaign site, Porter offers this  strange retort on homosexual marriage which seems to invalidate his prior stated convictions:

“I think it necessary to stick to our convictions when it comes to our faith and moral issues. However, when it comes to the political processes, we need to focus on issues that directly affect our nation – like the high price of gas, inadequate health care, growing unemployment, etc. Whereas the gospel, or preaching, initially affects a person at a time, legislation affects a people at a time. Remember that the gospel gives us a choice; legislation does not!”

Bishop Porter did not respond to our General Board Election questionnaire which would have given him a greater opportunity to address real issues facing the church he seeks to lead.

Current popular vote :  3.87%  (875 votes)

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