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Election Series Review: General Board Candidate J. Drew Sheard

Bishop J. Drew Sheard is a 2012 candidate for the Church of God in Christ General Board. Sheard is arguably on an ambitious climb to the top of his denomination, having been appointed bishop just two years ago.  If elected, he could be among the youngest and least experienced heads of church COGIC has ever seen. He’s been noted for his successful tenure at the head of the denomination’s youth department and is the son of controversial board of Bishops chairman John Sheard.

Bishop Sheard’s  brief, one page platform touts him as a “progressive teamplayer”. Progressive, yet embracing the foundational tenets of the Church of God in Christ, he says. He describes himself as a teamplayer who “assembles, attracts and influences individuals to achieve excellence in their churches and communities.” You can find that here, third panel on the slide.

While both platform agenda points sound broadly laudable, they are still undefined and unrelated to anything specific to the COGIC. Exactly what does COGIC need to be progressive on that its not now? And given the ecclesiastical gridlock and slightly impotent governance structure of COGIC, does Bishop Sheard believe he can actually affect any changes as a “progressive”?

Sheard had faced media scrutiny about his leadership ethics when in 2007, Ryan Baker a convicted pedophile was alleged to appear at Greater Emmanuel Church in Detroit despite a judges’ order that Baker not be near children. Baker was the well known lead dance choreographer for Dorinda Clark Cole (Sheard’s sister in law) but was busted for sexually molesting a 14 year old boy. While Sheard denied that Baker was allowed to appear at the church, Cole denied any knowledge of his sexual crimes. [source]

“He has not performed in our church since we got that information and I am emphatic, I am not making a mistake on that. I know that for a fact.” said Sheard to a Detroit reporter. But the boy’s mother said she saw Baker perform at the church.

Bishop Sheard did not respond to our General Board Election questionnaire which would have given him a greater opportunity to address real issues facing the church he seeks to lead.

Current popular vote leader:   7.87%  (1,724 votes)

  1. desu10
    October 29, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    Lord help this church. The allegations of sexual abuse, thievery, and cover-ups is killing COGIC. Can we get back to true Holiness? If we are the light of the world…then why is the world so dark????

  2. October 29, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    The answer to your question depends largely on the leaders and the people who elect them.

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