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Open Forum to be held on COGIC sex crimes in Albany NY

One would think with severity of the crimes, the implications and depth of the vast coverup of pedophiles in COGIC’s pulpits, the church’s presiding bishop Charles Blake or its general counsel Enoch Perry III would have by now convened a forum to deal with the massive fallout. Or conducted a public hearing or investigation. But they havent.

Instead, an open forum is being convened by someone who could  have shrugged his shoulders and walked away upon hearing revelations of widespread sexual abuse allegations in the Albany NY COGIC community. But he chose not to.

Christopher Davis, whose shocking and detailed letter documenting sexual abuse by COGIC pedophiles, announced the open forum for October 16th at the WAMC Performing Arts Studio 339 Central Ave, Albany, NY. More information below.

  1. October 13, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    In the interest of fair and accurate reporting on this blog….could you please be more specific as to what “crimes” and “official charges” were commited in these cases in the Albany COGIC Community or by these COGIC officials? I have read Mr. Chris Davis’s letters and public released statements and personally researched the official court and public records in the entire Capital Region of Albany, N.Y. and have only found (1) one “official” record of a case that involved a COGIC official a few years ago and in that particular case the charges were dropped and the individual was exonerated. However, there was a “sealed” court case (similar to this subject matter) several years ago, that allegedly involved Mr. Davis himself in the state of New Jersey ( you may want to check this out for yourself to be more accurate in your reporting). What was that all about?? Just asking….

    Furthermore, in the true interest of accuracy and fairness of your report on matters of this nature along with Mr. Davis calling these incidents “crimes,” could you be more specific as you have done in the past with your other articles and state the exact crime(s) that were committed and the specific offical charges by authorities on these “COGIC Officials”?

    Thanks for your time and attention to this inquiry……


    • October 13, 2012 at 6:25 pm

      Any sexual relationship with a child is against the law. That’s a crime. If a person is in an official position such as a pastor is aware, made aware or even suspect such a sexual relationship, the failure to report it is a crime as well. The Church of God in Christ’s official policy (according to Bishop Blake) is “zero tolerance” calling for the immediate suspension of individuals until the allegations are either disproven or a conviction is made.

      Two things are obvious: sexual crimes have been committed against children (per numerous victims testimony) and these crimes have not been reported (per the testimony of numerous COGIC officials Davis cited). Thus, your searches would never turn up something that hasn’t been reported. Ergo, the crime and the deplorable situation we have to document.

      Now, you make request of “accuracy and fairness” which from our vantage point is rather duplitious. Chris Davis has fully identified himself publicly whereas you from a concealed place conveniently drop information about a “sealed case” involving him. Fairness? So in my opinion you have no true interest in fairness and accuracy, it is only a smokescreen prelude to your true desire which is shadow contravention. Whatever is wrong in your life, Mr. Davis’ life, my life, there is zero justification for the sexual abuse of a child, let alone by someone using the position given to the by the church to do so.

  2. October 13, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    To be perfectly honest with you in all fairness and accuracy, you, Chris Davis or I have neither witnessed or have any “direct personal” knowledge of the “alleged” incidents (according to his 3rd party letter’s acknowledgement and statement) stated by the complainant parties. Furthermore, neither one of us has any “direct or personal” knowledge that all or some of these incidents were reported to the proper church officials or legal authorities (since it has not been “officially” documented by any law officials). All we have on this blog record now is Mr. Chris Davis’s letter and statement’s in which he neither claims any personal knowledge of these “alleged” criminal activities. In the eyes of the law….this is considered, 3rd party statements and considered…..”hearsay” and cannot be officially considered as legal weight or the truth. On the street….its called other phrases like….”he said….she said…” etc….

    Your life or mine is not relevant to this report. As a reader of your blog, I choose to ask questions before I make an assesment on the value of your report or your reporting style. In relationship to Mr. Chris Davis’s reporting style and your’s, it’s apparent that both of you have some common interest in your reporting style. I simply stated something to you regarding Mr. Davis’s case in NJ, in the same like manner that both of you are familiar with. I just stated the obvious and what’s out there and let the reader’s decide as to what is the real truth about the matter. I firmly believe that there is zero justification for the sexual abuse of a child or an adult, however, I share that same belief when it comes down to reporting a story on a person(s) or incidents involving them. Just stick with the fact’s and let your conjecture’s be stated as such and not purported as “truth” as you see it. There’s an old adage that is similar to the biblical scriptures….”testify what you see and know and not what you….heard..” Just a bit of information for you….my life’s status is not the story here…the victims and the perpetrator’s are the important issues along with your slanted style of reporting what you and Mr. Davis claim is the truth. Let the church officials and legal authorities do their investigations and then let’s see whose “shadow contravention” pales out!

    If a reader cannot ask you or your reporter’s honest and open questions and state legal facts and definition’s to you…..than one must truly ask what is the true intent and purpose of this blog???


    • October 13, 2012 at 10:43 pm

      Anonymous internet pundits are just that and until they identify themselves, every word they write and its nuances are suspicious. For all we know you could be one of the pedophiles or related to one of them attempting to leverage the dialogue about the issue against further discovery and exposure. So consider this conversation ended at least for here. If you have problems with Christopher Davis why dont you go to this forum he’s holding, IDENTIFY yourself and make your complaints known. Real people who want to resolve issues do that. Unlike you, he’s identified himself and his purpose of action. His contact information is public. So if your complaints are legitimate, take them up with him.

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