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Election Series Review: General Board Candidate Matthew Williams

Bishop Matthew Williams is a 2012 candidate for the Church of God in Christ General Board. Since, 2005 Williams  has provided leadership as the Adjutant General of the Church of God in Christ. Such a task requires great attention to detail which Williams obviously has, but it was disappointing to discover that same attention to detail missing from his candidacy for the General Board.

Williams provides the delegate no vision (or platform) as to why he should be elected to the church’s group of 12 governing bishops. Is that because he has none or because he doesn’t take his candidacy seriously?

The only election information available was found on the Florida Southwest  jurisdictional website. Williams is the bishop of that jurisdiction. On the webpage, Williams lists his graduated tenure of church appointments as evidence of “proven leadership”. They include: 36 years marriage, 27 years pastor, 15 years bishop, 8 years as the adjutant general. Perhaps the deeper problem with the entire COGIC GB election is that the qualifications are  poorly defined and the bishops tend to “run” with a longevity equals privilege mentality.  Even the denomination’s official election website contains scant candidate/qualification/status information.

Williams, of course has the perfunctory picture with the Presiding Bishop on his election site. Of concern, Williams shows signs of  the same type of purple wall of silence that his current leaders have demonstrated in the past. Although two shocking cases of clergy sexual abuse emerged in his jurisdiction, Williams has remained silent, not even apologizing to the victims, all of whom were small children.  See here.  If this is what he will bring to the General Board, the church’s spiritual, moral and ethical deficiencies will only grow worse.

Bishop Williams did not respond to our General Board Election questionnaire which would have given him a greater opportunity to address real issues facing the church he seeks to lead.

Current popular vote: 3.35%  (565 votes)

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    “…perfunctory picture?”

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