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Election Series Review: General Board Candidate George Adebanjo

Bishop George Adebanjo is a 2012 candidate for COGIC’s General Board. Adebanjo holds the distinction of being the first foreign born bishop (Nigeria) to make any headway in the quest to diversify the General Board beyond its current ethnic makeup.

But will a  diversity platform resonate with voting delegates? His facebook election headquarters say he wants to “represent the global constituents on the General Board and to bring diversity to the Executive Branch.” Other than his facebook page, Adebanjo hasnt done much to raise his electoral profile. This is unfortunately a flaw many of the lessor known candidates take for granted especially if there is no widespread name recognition.

Adebanjo currently serves as the bishop of Pakistan which arguably places him in a very dangerous position of leading churches in a Muslim dominated country where church burnings and routine murders of new Christian converts is a stark reality. The downside to that reality is that most American Christians (particularly black Christians) are largely disconnected spiritually and informationally from the persecution of Christians in foreign countries.

With a platform of being a foreign born bishop, its not clear what or how the former 08 candidate will use that position to assist other COGIC associated Christians in foreign countries. COGIC is an urban US oriented denomination that may not see or support Adebanjo’s efforts to raise this issue. And the larger question is given the convoluted  state the church high office holders are in, will he be allowed to?

As pastor of the Living Word Church in Nashville, Adebanjo holds degrees in engineering and theological degrees from Andersonville Baptist Seminary.

Bishop Adebanjo did not respond to our General Board Election questionnaire which would have given him a greater opportunity to address real issues facing the church he seeks to lead.

You can read why Abebanjo feels qualified to be a general board member here.

Current popular vote:  6.42%  (1,008 votes)

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