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RCA marks 3 year anniversary today

Today on the birthday of our beloved founder CH Mason, we give praises to God for 3 years of labor to bring awareness, accountability and assistance to victims of clergy sexual abuse in the Church of God in Christ.   In 2009, God gave us a vision where the river of justice was blocked with debris and our goal has been to remove the debris and allow the river of justice to flow freely. We first launched the website, then as the mission expanded in March 2011, we added this blog to make information and education more accessible.   I want to thank Ms Toni Loving for joining me in this great effort to help heal the hurts of so many who had no where to turn. Also gratitude to Pastor Burnett and Elder Stidham for hours and hours of consulting and advice so that God would be glorified in this difficult, but needed assignment. Still, our work is not done. As we move forward, we anticipate in faith that the will of God will be done despite the obstruction of ungodly men. In this, we ask for your prayers and support until victory is won. —Pastor DL Foster

Repost from our original announcement.

September 8, 2009

On behalf on a growing group of concerned parents, leaders and former clergy sexual abuse survivors of the Church of God in Christ, I am pleased to announce the launch of ReportCOGICAbuse.com.

The site has been in months of planning, researching and developing.  And we felt it appropriate to launch it on Bishop CH Mason’s birthday to honor his call to holiness, purity and righteousness and to alert people to a growing problem affecting a cross section of the church’s constituency.

Mason, called one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the 20th century, was born September 8, 1866 just outside Memphis, Tennessee and later founded what has become the nation’s largest black pentecostal denomination.

The site’s main goal is to empower the people of COGIC with solid information, resources and a grass roots friendly instrument to fight the culture of silence and inaction which emboldens sexual predators to continue their devastation upon innocent men, women and children. We believe  Bishop Mason would not have stood by silently in the face of such grave abuses of someone’s sexual sanctity.  The site also raises up the profile and plight of victims and the families who are often quickly pushed to the side and forgotten.

We also take this occasion to once again call on Bishop Charles Blake and the leadership of COGIC to demonstrate true leadership by supporting reform and stricter accountability measures in the church.

Future plans include press conferences, awareness seminars, cross-denominational partnering and an expanded database of convicted clergy sexual offenders.

Visit www.reportCOGICabuse.com

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