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GB Candidates Questionnaires to be sent out

Today Report COGIC Abuse will begin disseminating election questionnaires to candidates for the 12 positions on the General Board. This year’s quadrennial election has a field of 23 candidates, including the 9 “incumbents”.

Report COGIC Abuse will be asking the candidates to provide answers to questions voting delegates and the constituency at large are concerned about prior to casting their votes during the November convocation.

The questionnaire is unofficial meaning it is not endorsed by any official church authorities. Responding to the questionnaire is completely voluntary. Once provided, the candidates will have a full two weeks to fill out and return the questionnaires to Report COGIC Abuse. If a candidate declines to respond, it will be noted in our candidate examination series.

View or download the GB Candidate Questionnaire

Related note: The voting poll  (located on the blog’s right column) will remain open until Sept 30th. Although an unofficial and unscientific poll, you can express your choice for GB.  You can vote as many times as you desire and for as many candidates as you desire. If you support someone who’s name is not on the official ballot, you can select other and put their name in.

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