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Second obstruction charge leveled at Bishops Chair John Sheard

Angry confrontations in the form of letters continue to surface regarding the alleged obstructionist tenure of  Bishop John Sheard, chair of the Board of Bishops. Although his bio lauds his “notoriety as a man of integrity and great leadership”, information now suggest that Sheard has used his office and position to stifle investigations and withhold damaging  information about some of his fellow bishops.

Bishop Juan Lawson of El Paso, Texas, who resigned as chair of the church’s Grievance Committee, specifically cited Sheard as key antagonist  in  systemic actions to prevent certain bishops from being investigated. See story and video here.

Now, a blistering rebuke letter out of the Washington DC jurisdiction alleges even more serious issues of wrongdoing by Sheard.

The letter was sent to Sheard after repeated efforts to get an investigation off the ground on Bishop Neavelle Coles failed to get traction. Noted scholar, ethicist and COGIC Ecumenical Officer Dr. Leonard Lovett sent the angry followup to a June 6 letter which received only a “limited response”.

“It appears that you have set up a series of delay tactics to get you past the elections without any distractions from persons such as myself and others[…]

You never adequately responded to our June 6, 2012 letter requesting that seven (7) concerns be addressed in order to proceed properly with the case.”

Dr. Lovett further said that the political climate fostered under Sheard prevented impartial trials from being conducted.

“We have credible evidence that you are engaging in obstruction of justice with similar cases. Bishop Sheard, you are not beyond an investigation for obstruction of justice by the Judiciary.  We have almost concluded that your limited  response to this and other cases are purely political and that no impartial trial can be conducted as long as you are leading like a boss.  Unfortunately, it is this kind of behavior that results in cases being tried on the internet.”

RCA has documented  the incredibly dysfunctional judicial system within COGIC which has severely hindered and blocked justice  for victims of clergy sexual abuse and those who endured leadership abuses of all types. The systemic culture of obstruction by individuals who were elected to “uphold the constitution of the Church of God in Christ” is one of the most egregious forms of abuse in existence.

Read or download the entire letter

Charges which warrant the trial of a bishop

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