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Bishop cites “obstruction, coverup and incompetence” in COGIC judicial cases

In a newly released video, a prominent El Paso, Texas COGIC bishop highlights serious internal problems with the denomination’s apparently broken  judicial system. We previously reported on COGIC’s judicial system here and here.

Bishop Juan Lawson, prelate of Texas Western Jurisdiction and  former Chairman of the Church of God in Christ Grievance Committee, announced via video that he had resigned as Chairman of  that committee due to repeated incidences of “obstruction, coverup and incompetence”  by Board of Bishops president Bishop John Sheard.

Citing the contents of a letter Report COGIC Abuse made public August 10th, Bishop Lawson decried the Blake administration’s disregard of speedy and fair justice for clergy.

Lawson is also a candidate for President of the powerful Board of Bishops which has oversight of cases filed against COGIC bishops.

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsUqN98Wz1A&feature=youtu.be

Addendum 5:55pm est: This story was amended to remove the names of Bishop Charles Blake and Bishop Enoch Perry III. Per Bishop Lawson, his remarks alleging “obstruction, coverup and incompetence” were not specifically directed at these two individuals. Report COGIC Abuse apologizes for this unintended misinterpretation.

  1. sayitloud123
    August 17, 2012 at 6:44 pm

    It is really bad that a Elder had to write a letter about his own bishop. I guess he did not have a choice. It seems like a letter like that should of come from a Administrative Assistant or Supt. But SOME are part of the cover up or look the other way because they want to have a national post or be a bishop. They should be put on trial along with their bishop in wrongdoing.

    Is there a letter missing. Your video mentions comments against Bishop Bass and Bishop Lyles involve sex. The letter on this site mentions “illicit” behavior. I thought that means illegal. So much has gone on in the church people always assume someone is gay or hurting kids.

    Is Bishop Bryant running for the General Board? If so, he is still permitted to run with these problems? We would not have so many problems if we had term limits in our main leadership. Some people get comfortable and do whatever they want.Best wishes to you Bishop Lawson. Thank you for standing for when so many others chose to do what is popular instead of what is right !

  2. warrenma
    September 5, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    This is 2012 and the matter was brought to the attention of the Board of Bishops in 2010. Is it possible that they have no policy to handle these type of matters in a more direct manner, or is the stalling and delaying we are seeing the real ‘policy’. Hard to believe that the highly educated leaders of this organization are that ‘incompetent’. This leads one to think that it is part of the corporate culture to coverup misdeeds. It is extremely sad and troubling that this malaise that has overtaken the Church.

    • September 5, 2012 at 2:10 pm

      I actually believe Bishop Lawson. The incompetence is stunning. If its not incompetence, then the intentional and willful subversion of justice is equally stunning. The political culture of the church fosters deceit and injustice stemming from leadership privileges they have inoculated themselves with.

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