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Memphis COGIC Elder with two prior convictions arrested for sex crime

Elder Orlando Wallace is representative of a “tip of the iceberg” population in the Church of God in Christ. He’s just one of many sex offenders, criminals and wolves in COGIC pulpits across America. They are preaching, singing,  speaking in tongues, tithe-paying, conducting “worship” services, card carrying ordained COGIC clergy. And they are sexual monsters.  Most have not been caught by police so they continue on with their almost deceptive charade.

However Wallace’s game came to an end when Memphis police arrested the 50 year old man in July 6 and charged him with statutory aggravated rape of a 15 year old girl [source]. Wallace, an Elder at Lakeview Community Temple COGIC in Memphis, had been convicted twice before for prostitution related crimes, but the pastor at the church claimed they had no idea he was such a degenerate. In COGIC, as long as you pay tithes, dues and show up for services, there’s no reason to suspect anything. Once the media picked up on the case, the denial and disassociation from the church’s  pastor was swift.

“He`s a minister, but he don`t work here.  He`s just a preacher here,” said Pastor of Lakeview Community Temple, Jesse Lipford. Wallace is associated with the church.

Sunday, Lipford was disturbed by the news. “It bothers me any man, would do that.” It’s a child.”

Lipford wasn`t happy to see our cameras Sunday morning, or that the church`s name was caught up in the shocking story. ” The church had nothing to do with this, this didn`t happen at the church.” stressed Lipford.

Police say it happened at the teenager`s home and Wallace and the teen sent sexual photos to each other electronically on different occasions. The police report also shows, that the minister admitted to having sex with the teen when he was arrested.

Lipsford later said: “In addition, none of the alleged acts took place in the church. The church is not responsible for any of its members’ questionable lifestyles. We teach holiness, and we expect our members to live godly lives in the presence of the Lord, their families, and the community.

That’s very convenient, given the circumstances. But why is it when members do good things, the church takes credit but when they commit crimes, the church has no connection?  The church pastor’s statement is reflective of COGIC’s corporate sex crimes policy.  They are void of discernment, spiritually lazy and refuse to accept the fact that its the lack of leadership which allows this type of situation to happen over and over again.  The statement reflects the coaching COGIC pastors are told to revert to when sex crimes cases arise. See this.  They are told to deny that the person “works” for the church and instead portray them as just some random, unattached person who attended the church. That’s a legal technicality which helps to mitigate any legal liabilities the church may potentially face.

Lipsford takes umbrage at the association of Wallace to his church, but the fact remains that Wallace was a sanctioned leader of the Lakeview Church while he was a convicted sex offender. See our sex offender poll here. Given the tools available for pastors to check and screen their leaders, there’s little excuse for Lipsford not to have removed Wallace well before his rape arrest. Wallace had been a member of the church for 7 years and an ordained elder for 5 according to this source. The truth is that Orlando Wallace should have never been ordained much less become a minister.

Video, story and an “official statement” by the pastor here.

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