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Urgent letter seeks justice for Delaware COGIC Bishop

BREAKING – An unnamed Washington DC source saying it represented a group of COGIC bishops, sent the following letter to Report COGIC Abuse seeking help in bringing attention to the case  of Bishop Thomas Holsey. You can read our initial coverage of  the case here. Apparently, Holsey’s supporters believe he is being treated unjustly by Presiding Bishop Charles Blake.

What follows is unedited by this site.

“Instead of the presiding bishop dealing with the immorality of the church, he continues to ruin a mans reputation who has been tried and declared to be restored by his board of bishops.  This document is the current affair of the board of bishops to stop the presiding bishop from further degrading this bishops character because he stood up for his rights and won.  What will the chairman of the board do in reference to this letter?”

June 28, 2012
Dear Brother Bishops of the Church of God in Christ Board of Bishops:
This is an appeal to your empathy for a colleague, Bishop Thomas L. Holsey, Jurisdictional Prelate of the Delaware Jurisdiction.

We must insist on another opportunity to correct a serious error in process and judgment as it relates to the Ecclesiastical Trial of Bishop Thomas Holsey. The time has come for us to stand for what is right for our brother Bishop in the sense of reconciliation.
Fairness, integrity, and justice dictate that we move decisively and with courage to clarify who we are as a Board and what we believe we owe our Church and one another. Acting responsibly and restoring our credibility and reputation as the Board of Bishops both dictate that we move with all deliberate speed as a unit.
Our future is at stake as it relates to how we handle the case before us. There is a clarion call and plea for closure of this case. If it had been properly handled originally, we would not have to address it at this time. The time has come that we must act with courage to support our fellow Bishop! It is the right thing to do!
Bishops, at this critical and defining moment in our proceedings, we must not allow ourselves to be governed by what is politically correct, or convenient, or popular. We must be governed by what is right, what is just, and what is fair. It is the right thing to do!
We cannot properly adjudicate this case or handle it fairly unless we place ourselves in Bishop Holsey’s shoes. What if you were he? What if your worship service was interrupted and infringed upon? What if you as Pastor of your congregation were asked to step aside right in the middle of a Sunday morning worship service by ranking officers of our National Church? Any one of us could be singled out in like manner for even the most minor infraction.
Please give your voice and support to what is right at the upcoming AIM Convention when the Board of Bishops holds its meeting, JULY 4, 2012, WHICH IS EMANCIPATION DAY.
WE THE MEMBERS OF THE COGIC BOARD OF BISHOPS recommend to our brother Bishops to accelerate the two year probationary period which was to be completed by November 15, 2012, to be fully satisfied on our meeting date, July 4, 2012, at 10:00 am, in Birmingham, Alabama.

We strongly support Bishop Thomas L. Holsey’s return to his COGIC Delaware Jurisdiction unhindered and unencumbered by further interference as long as he abides by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Church of God in Christ and follows the COGIC Constitution and the Constitutionally designated leadership of the Church of God in Christ.

Respectfully yours in Christ,


  1. desu10
    September 12, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    Oh please, you not once said what Bishop Holsey did was wrong. If he in fact “took” money from the Delaware jurisdiction for his own personal use, then he was WRONG! Whatever happened to righteousness. If I was in Bishop Holsey shoes as you state, I would step aside rather than bring more shame and humiliation on myself, my family and my church family, not to mention damnation from the God almighty! I am born and raised COGIC, in the last few years I have never been so disgusted with this domination. All I see right now is a bunch of gangstas, thugs and pimps in the pulpit. Where is God in all of this, I ask? People we better get it together and soon, Jesus is soon to return and he’s going to catch us not “being about His business”, too busy suing and accusing one another. God help us please!!!! Help this church.

  2. October 15, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    I so agree with thee other person commenting on the dishonesty of Bishop Holsey. How can we forgive someone who doesn’t admit that he’s done anything wrong? And I’m so glad, that Bishop Blake doesn’t stand behind him, that would hurt so….much. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bishop. I was starting to think that you all really did’nt care about us, because we are little Delaware. But that was a lot of money, and a lot of sacrifice, from us who were being
    obedient like the bible and our Bishops, Pastors, etc., are always asking us to be. We really feel like we were robbed, bambooseled, raped, just taking complete advantaged of, and no one cares. And to all you bishops, who want him back in there, how much of those millions did
    you recieve, because i know, men are not that forgiven, and it can’t be because you have God in your hearts. All of you need to come forward, and so do the Trustees. I would like God to bring you all into the LIGHT. I truely believe there are people who made money off of this,
    and if you did, you were thieves and not of God but of the Devil. Will a man rob God? Yes, and so did Mr Holsey. He supposedly had a reputation before it happened, and that needs to be checked out. If I stole money from the church, I would be in jail. Like all the priest and other preachers that got caught with there hands in the cookie jar, were punished, he should be too. If he stays, our churches will be destroyed for a long time. Bishop Blake, we’ve already split up, this is destroying us. We don’t hate the man, we just want him to pay back the money and face justice like anyone else. And he needs to be sat down. And forgiveness would be so easy to begin. We Love COGIC, and would hate to leave. I’ve been in COGIC all my life, and love what it stands for, and where it came from. Please settled this.

  3. October 15, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    I am one of the Trustees at my Church, and I fill like, If I stole money from the Church, they would want to lock me up. So I think the same should go for a Bishop, and the trustees of the Bishop should be up on charges too. I don”t care, how can you let any one tell you to sign your name on a check and spend up all the money. And a Bishop or a Pastor should not be able to sign checks. Someone has to have some knowledge about whats goin on when signing a check where’s the common scense.There’s a cover up and a lot of people will go down when everything comes out. Bishop Blake, please don’t be a part of it, it’s going to get ugly.They would have to sit me down, because I would not go along with that. Please put this man in jail where he belong. Not only did he rob God he robbed all the Churches and people that put there hard working money up too.We can forgive him, but put him in jail and make him pay for this evil deed, and that will keep all the Churches together. I love the Church of COGIC but I will leave it. Don”t let the people think he will get away with this please we want justice for that much money. All, of you, that feel what was done to us was wrong, please speak up in support of Bishop Blake. Let him know we support and stand behind him, while he stands for us.

    • October 16, 2012 at 1:05 am

      Do either of you believe that other bishops and church leaders were recipients of the money you say Bishop Holsey misused? If so, do you advocate them being imprisioned as well. Because if the money was truly stolen and its true they received a portion of this money, they would have received stolen property. So Im curious as to what you think about all that.

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