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5th sexual offender identified at Toledo COGIC church

How is it possible one church can harbor so many sexual criminals and continue functioning and representing the Church of God in Christ?  That would be the question Bishop Charles Blake, Sr should answer.

Today, Report COGIC Abuse confirmed that the St James Holiness COGIC in Toledo, OH, now has the dubious distinction of having had 5 sexual offenders in its ministry ranks. St. James Church is also known as “The Armory” [website here]. The church is a part of the Ohio North Jurisdiction where Bishop Edward Cook presides.

According to law enforcement officials at the Lucas County (OH) Jail,  Eddie Jordan, a Sunday School teacher at the church, is incarcerated and awaiting trial on 3 counts of kidnapping and 2 counts of attempted rape.

In November 2009, RCA broke the heinous story of this same church who had harbored 4 other convicted pedophiles in leadership positions.

“St James Holiness Church of God in Christ in Toledo may have a set a nauseating new low. The church has had four convicted pedophiles operating in ministry with the Pastor’s knowledge. But that’s only the beginning of this shocking story which truly symbolizes why drastic reform is needed in COGIC now.

The pastor of St James, William James, Jr. didn’t put the men out of the church, it took legal action against them to stop their predatory activities.”

The pedophiles who were on payroll at St James:
James Jones organist
Arthur Bishop saxophonist
Bryan Watkins minister
Nathan Fullove organist

A  representative at St. James church refused to deny or affirm Eddie Jordan’s position at the church.

Its unclear if COGIC will enact any of its zero tolerance policies against the church or the pastor who appears to have a predeliction of harboring people with extremely questionable moral behavior in his church.

  1. June 26, 2012 at 2:52 am

    What a shame, St. James leadership has left the gate open to the hen house and has allowed all foxes to enter and prey upon the young and the innocence. No background checks. No checks and balances to protect the flock. It sounds like a free for all. -MMorris

  2. warrenma
    June 28, 2012 at 1:48 am

    The ongoing incidents of this at this church calls into question the entire leadership of that ministry. What possible reason can there be for the inability and/or refusal to deal with these wicked people? Could it be that the leadership is more involved in this than we know? I am beginning to suspect just that at this point.

  3. June 28, 2012 at 2:39 am

    @ warrenma, Leadership could care less about the innocence of our young people.They will turn their heads the other way and stick them in the sand hoping that the issue will resolve itself. What they do care about is growing the membership or having conferences (ie. Lack of Rain) which equals money. It seems like the national church does not care and will not take a stand on the predatory happenings in the local churches. As I see it, church has been reduced to nothing more than a Sunday social at Augusta National…..meaningless! – MMorris

  4. June 29, 2012 at 1:01 am

    The national church (i.e. leadership) has always struck up a corporate position which basically disconnects them to any sexual tragedies in the field. Its convenient and provides them with a quick basin of water with which to wash their collective hands. However, the corruption is not going unnoticed by God. Isreal played the harlot and the fool and he allowed them to play into judgment. A day of reckoning is coming to the Church of God in Christ. When? Only God knows but when it does God will be utterly justified in his punishment of their collective sins, crimes and arrogant rebellion against his will.

  5. June 29, 2012 at 1:42 am

    @cawadmin, I only hope that your perspective comes to light but it seems that your God is slow to move. Therefore, what happens in the meantime until your God exposes the corruption in the church? How many more innocent children have to suffer at the hands of wicked individuals in St. James and other churches? If you view the totality of sexual abuse individuals in churches, one may begin to think that a God on a white horse will arrive in time to rescue them but that has yet to happen. Moreover, families are left to suffer, left to pick up the pieces, to help violated individuals seek help through counseling or medication. When does enough becomes enough? When will congregations rise against leadership to demand accountability and integrity? If I had to answer, it would be never. For some apparent reason the majority of church congregations fall for the lullaby sermon, making people unaware of what is really going on in the church. -MMorris

    • June 29, 2012 at 4:33 am

      MM, I want to make something clear. First, what I said is applicable not just to the church and not just happening in the church but in all sectors of our world. Its not just corporate, its individuals as well. Secondly, God is not at fault. God has never been at fault for the sins of men and never will be. Just like you wouldnt be at fault if your neighbor stole hub caps off neighborhood cars. However if the theft continues and you do and say nothing (knowing who is committing the act) you are at fault. Why cast a shadow on God when you have power to do something? Study history and you will see that God is gracious and allows man both to do wrong and to correct his wrong. Why he allows it is not always clear to us. He has given man all the instruction, guidance and potential to do right and correct wrong. If man disobeys that, its not God’s fault. When is enough enough? I dont know and neither do you. But what we can do is everything within our power to restrain, restrict, warn and provide solutions to the problem.

      Your concern and question is legitimate, just as it was with the prophet Habakkuk who asked God why wasnt he doing anything about all the wickedness going on in plain sight. So have many, many people asked the same thing. But consider that the world and all of its functions go on, uninterrupted since time began. The sun rises and falls. The rain and the winds come and go. People are born, do incredibly great things and they die. People are born, committ unspeakable wicked acts and they too die.

      Its easy to cast blame God’s way when man wont hold other men accountable but it wont resolve anything. The church is in rebellion against God and this is the fruit of it. But sooner or later all rebellion will be stopped and wrong will be righted.

  6. June 29, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    @cawadmin, well said.

  7. June 29, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    I would like to pose a question for anyone to answer. How is it that the black church is able to fly under the radar of national media attention for a multitude of reported sexual abuse cases were as the Catholic Church got world wide media attention? -MMorris

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