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New COGIC legal-constitutional information site debuts

Its no secret that the maze of policies, rules, subrules, motions, demotions, revisions, loopholes, edicts and laws forming the Church of God in Christ’s internal legal system can be head spinning to its nonvoting constituency.  In fact, the average COGIC member is 100% clueless about how the legal business of the church it pumps millions of dollars into yearly, operates. Complaints about the church’s oftimes comatose legal department and its futive chief counsel are legendary. Worse still,  the heirarchal system of  the church is position friendly. That explains the explosion of nepotism in the denomination. The need for a comprehensive informational site helping victims and individual members to navigate the church’s tricky justice system is now just a click away via www.cogicjustice.net.

According to still developing the site:

“COGIC Justice was established in 2012 to assist in accomplishing two parallel missions.  The first, is to serve as an online clearinghouse, providing information on the rules and procedures necessary to access the Judicial system in the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), and to the lay-member who seeks to understand the church’s justice policy components.  Secondly, COGIC Justice exists to raise awareness of the pursuit of justice in the body of Christ.”

The new site includes easy to read books and documents that many COGIC lay members have never before seen. Of particular interest: Presiding Bishop Charles Blake’s self defense book on why he battled the late Bishop Chandler Owens in an Orlando court over disgraced former Pastors and Elder’s Council Chairman Derrick Hutchins, Sr.

If you are a victim of COGIC clergy abuse, trapped in a church where the pastor has turned into an unyeilding dictator or you suspect violations of COGIC doctrine and constitution and you want to do something about it other than pray, take some time to educate and explore your options.

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