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COGIC leadership committed to “justice”?

How hypocritical of the COGIC leadership to issue a pile-on, statement about “justice” in the Martin-Zimmerman saga, but continue to be the source of injustice to victims of clergy sexual abuse and sexual immorality within the denomination. According to a statement filed April 16th on the church’s website, it allegedly is “committed to the principle that justice must indeed be blind”.

“That belief was in the minds of the founding fathers as they labored to create an enduring nation. Adherence to that principle requires all those who are alleged to have broken the law be required to appear before the bar of justice to answer for their alleged actions.

The circumstances surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin raise reasonable questions about the legality of George Zimmerman’s actions. The appropriate venue to determine if his actions were lawful or unlawful is within a court of law where Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence will be determined by a jury of his peers according to the best traditions of our system of justice.”

But there has been little justice for the numerous victims of clergy sexual abuse in the denomination. The Church hasn’t pursued any justice for victims of gross sexual misconduct in its own ranks. Over and over it plays possum or acts as if the crimes committed its clergy (which continue to increase) are isolated problems which have nothing to do with it photoshopped policies. Women and children (both male and female) are abused, raped, molested, manipulated by bishops, superintendents, pastors and ministers.  For a denomination that has such a poor public record on justice, its shameful to issue such a message.

Its especially egregious considering that April is Sexual Assault/Molestation Awareness Month.  For obvious reasons, there was no statement issued by COGIC on  sexual assault awareness.

Steve Nelson, President of The Hope of Survivors states,“For a victim, the church is a haven of refuge—a harbor of safety—and when abuse is perpetrated from a spiritual leader, that abuse is directly connected to Christ. It appears as if God Himself approved the terrible pain and suffering they experienced by His representative. For this reason, God had to act [referring to the case of Eli & his sons] to preserve the sacredness of His holy character. For the sake of His people, justice demanded that judgment be served.”

He continues, “And today, thousands of years later, there are those who still fail in their responsibility to protect the vulnerable sheep from the devastating effects of abuse by a spiritual leader. When a transgression of this nature takes place, those who refuse to correct the evil done by a fallen minister are guilty of the same sinful neglect to God’s heritage as was Eli.”

The Elis in COGIC have allowed its “sons” to run unchecked and undisciplined long enough. And until victory is won, Report COGIC Abuse will continue to cry aloud and spare not, showing this people their sins and transgressions.

More: Reporting sexual misconduct in COGIC; resources for survivors of clergy sexual abuse click here and here

  1. August 3, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    I was raised in Cogic and tried to stay with it, most of my life until I started researching and figuring things out on my own?!! I don’t agree with everything that goes on in Cogic and the older I get I find myself going away from it?!!! Some things are simple not biblical and I won’t sit in a church claiming to be holy but you have all kinds of people there who don’t even believe in god or into homosexuality?!!! I was even in a church where the pastor starting messing around with one of the member and she became pregnant with his child?! And now he’s starting a new church,?! Like, really?! And this goes on all the time and no says anything about it?!! People are so desperate for members they will accept anything or anyone claiming to have a form of godliness?!! That’s not okay and its even crazier that the leaders are not doing anything about it?!! Simply avoiding the issue is not dealing with it,

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