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COGIC tightens up office holders screening

After successive years of “looking the other way” on sex criminals and other assorted leadership undesirables matriculating into COGIC offices, some emerging signs indicate Presiding Bishop Blake may be slowly tightening up the reigns of access.

Perhaps this has also been influenced by the newly elected Elder James W. Hunt, Sr., Chairman, General Assembly and Bishop Lemmuel Thuston, Vice Chairman. Thuston was bishop over one of the key front men in the massive Kansas-Missouri black church ponzi scheme. Thousands of people were bilked out of millions of investments dollars. The church was a major recruiting ground.

Report COGIC Abuse reviewed the Application for Elected Office and found that several questions helped to determine whether or not a person was actually qualified to hold high influential offices. COGIC’s ineffective tradition of allowing popular men who were the beneficiaries of nepotism,  preaching gifts and money to get them into places they didn’t deserve to be should come to and end for the good of the church. One way to weed out those whose unresolved sexual issues and potential criminal issues is to at least tighten up the screening process.

The categories of applications include: laymembers (terrible term), ministers and missionaries, Elders, Pastors and Bishops. Thankfully, none of the serious questions are altered for any of the categories.

Of interest, the following questions:

Question 10. Do you, or have you experienced any physical, psychological, or emotional conditions which requires treatment?  If yes, has this condition impaired your ability to function, or make sound executive and judicious decisions?

A person with unresolved emotional and psychological issues are a real danger behind the pulpit and in office.  It should be expected that a person would seek God and gain peace through obeying the will of God, but its been proven that many leaders will not admit when they have problems. They hide and delay seeking help and ultimately exacerbate the problem with hidden sins. The church should require the applicant to produce a doctor’s report stating a clean bill of health particularly on psychological and emotional health issues.

Question 11. Has any disciplinary action (i.e. removal from an office or position, suspension, termination, etc) ever been taken against you in the church, whether local, jurisdictional, national or other denomination? If yes, explain.

Have you been arrested or convicted of a felony? If yes, please explain.

Is there anything in your past that could possibly bring reproach against the Church Of God In Christ? If yes, please explain.

In addition to the applicant’s response, the church should review ALL church files and conduct extensive interviews to determine if all  infractions were properly and biblically resolved. If it was not, the applicant should be required to resolve each situation before the application can be further processed. While it should be assumed that each applicant is prima facie who they purport to be, cases like Thomas A. Wiggins, Charles Brown and JD Husband stand as stark reminders that a lax attitude towards excellence in office produces disastrous results for the church.

These questions allow the applicant to be honest and that is a good thing. In fact, one would think that a person seeking high office in the Church of God in Christ would at a minimum be honest, but that is in our opinion, an immature assumption.

Bishops seeking election to the General Board should also face even tighter questioning and screening than the average person to include ethics questions.  Compare that with a US Senator or President. Unfortunately, elections to high office are a political function and the scrutiny of one’s personal life is part of the process.  Moreover, the high offices ought to be deemed worthy enough to ensure that only men and women of high quality, integrity and service are allowed to hold them. The church should reject the tired good ole boys attitude that most if not all the current crop of contenders perpetuate.

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