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Member: I warned COGIC HQS about sexual abuse 7 years ago

The following unedited electronic letter was sent from a COGIC member to Report COGIC Abuse:

This is to whoever is responsible for this website.  PRAISE GOD FOR YOUR COURAGE!!!!  It is about time! I once, called the COGIC headquarters, some years ago to explain to ask them if they had implemented a policy on abuse.

They had not at that time.  I asked why not? And they said something like they wanted to protect the ministers and their ministry from being falsely accused.  I said, and what about those who are not being falsely accused, what would be your course of action?  They gave me some “blew me off” answer.  I was surprised, that they were surprised that abuse has and was occurring in their denominations.  I explained then, perhaps 7 years ago, that they needed to train ministers and leadership about abuse.  I explained that they need to implement a zero tolerance policy on any abuse or harassment.  I explained then, that they needed have a protocol for investigating allegations, before they prematurely and, with bias, decided that the complaintant was making false claims.  I explained that they needed to enforce this policy stringently.  They just acted like deer caught in headlights.  They behaved as men who were ignorant of spiritual devices of the enemy.  They simply believed that all was well and underestimated the severity of abuse in the COGIC.  The secretary was rude to me and hung up on me at first.

The Lawyer I spoke too, seemed smooth as honey but very ignorant and maybe deceived.  He seemed more like a business man that would do whatever it took to keep the business running.  First of all, we are God-men and God-women, second of all we run ministries in the name of Jesus.  We are good stewards, but always exposing evil.  He didn’t understand this.  Before there was any blog…I personally told them that there will be increasing cases of abuse springing up in COGIC churches.  Unfortunately, I was correct.

They really have acted too late and they still are in denial, even to the point of their own  demise and peril.  Oh well, let all the buildings that are not built on the foundation of Jesus fall then!!!!
[name withheld]
Seattle, Washington
Washington State Jurisdiction

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