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Whatever happened to “the document”?

In 2009, Bishop Blake touted his new approach to what he called “sexual victimization” to a select group of delegates at the 102nd Convocation. According to the official website:

“Bishop Blake revealed the COGIC’s theme for next year as he kicked off the Presiding Bishop’s Forum.  The theme for 2010 is Great God, Great Vision, Great Accomplishments.  He then went on to discuss the Church’s official stance against sexual misconduct.  Over the course of the last year, Bishop Blake has hand-picked a strong team of clergy and legal professionals familiar with addressing sexual misconduct to develop a document that details the responsibility of clergy over the protection of all members and reaffirm the official stance of the church concerning this heinous type of sexual victimization. This document was distributed to delegates for review and consideration.”

But what happened? Was this just more window dressing or is the Presiding Bishop serious about dealing with clergy sexual abuse on his watch?  Two  years have come and gone but there has still been no visible, publicly indentifiable traction on  the mysterious “document”. What were the results of the “review and consideration”. Who are the “hand picked strong team of clergy and legal professionals”? Why is the presiding bishop keeping their identity a secret? How much money has been allocated to make “the document” a reality? How many pastors have actually read “the document” and implemented its reccomendations in the local assemblies?

If you have received “the document” or have reviewed it and know of its disposition, please share any updates in the comment section.

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