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Candy call: new bishop’s list raises eyebrows

RCA has obtained a copy of the new bishop’s list in the Church of God in Christ. Among the 28 men are several that we have covered before. Click on the name to read stories associated with their irresponsible exploits prior to being appointed bishop.

1. Bishop Designate Rance Allen, Michigan NW Harvest
2. Bishop Designate Abraham Forcheney, Panama
3. Bishop Designate Ronnie Gibson, Dominican Republic
4. Bishop Designate David Allen Hall, Sr., Tennessee HQS
5. Bishop Designate Norman Harper, South Central Georgia
6. Bishop Designate David Leon Herron, Ohio Central East
7. Bishop Designate Michael Eugene Hill, Greater Lakes First
8. Bishop Designate Samuel Hogan, Massachusetts 1st
9. Bishop Designate Joseph E Hogan, Sr., North Central GA [more]
10. Bishop Designate Loran Mann, Vermont
11. Bishop Designate Christopher Milton, Southern California Evangelistic
12. Bishop Designate Juan LaRue Morrison, Central Illinois
13. Bishop Emmitt Louis Nevels, Ohio Central West
14. Bishop Designate Leon Pamphile, Haiti
15. Bishop Designate Edgar Lloyd Scott, Pennsylvania Central
16. Bishop Designate Ervin Sims, Jr., Republic of Ghana
17. Bishop Designate Detroit Williams, Central Florida First
18. Bishop Designate Junius Earl Williams, Arkansas Fourth

1. Bishop Designate Edgar Lewis Allen, Jr., Illinois Sixth
2. Bishop Designate Cornelius Ellis Anderson, Jr., North Carolina Second
3. Bishop Designate Junious Augustus Blake Jr., Southern California First
4. Bishop Designate Welton Lee Lawrence, Canada / Michigan
5. Bishop Otis Lockett, North Carolina Second DECEASED
6. Bishop Designate Charles Glenn Nauden, Southern California Second
7. Bishop Designate Enoch Perry, III, District of Columbia [more]
8. Bishop Designate David Morrell Screven, Eastern Pennsylvania
9. Bishop Designate Jackie Cortez Vaughn, Eastern Missouri First
10. Bishop Designate Frank Anthone White , Eastern New York Third

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