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Bishop’s “victory speech” video removed from Youtube

ATLANTA – Just days after GCM Watch reported and exposed COGIC”s upcoming “consecration” of adulterer and deadbeat father Joseph E. Hogan, Sr. a featured video showing a victory celebration at the church he pastors,  has been removed.   The Youtube host channel “faithprovideo”  took down the video showing Hogan’s church having a bizarre victory party upon hearing the announcement that Hogan would become a bishop in the Church of God in Christ.

In May, Hogan was arrested in Clayton County, Georgia  and charged with reneging on child support payments to an out of wedlock child he fathered in 2005.  Incredibly, he impregnated the wife of his former assistant pastor, a man who had served under him for some 20 years.

In the video, church members are seen  dancing, running through the church and wildly waving purple streamers while thronging around Hogan at his Cleveland Avenue church during a recent Sunday morning service.

In one scene, a minister introduces the subdued looking Hogan, telling him “this is your time, this is your season!”. When Hogan approaches the podium, the minister falls down at his feet, appearing to kiss his hands.

Hogan conveys to members that he has done what some thought was impossible. He tells them that “it costs to be the boss” and says that they will have to step up because of the expectations people have when the visit the church of a bishop.  He thanks Bishop Charles Blake and the “Board” for a “unanimous thumbs up” to his promotion. Noticeably absent is his wife of 39 years.

Another online source claimed that Bishop Charles Blake made candidates promise that if they did not win the vote they would submit to the winner and not split the jurisdiction (a common practice among disgruntled COGIC bishops) . Blake reportedly said that he would not proceed with the election until he had that promise. However, upon losing the vote by 2-1 margins to his competitor, Norman Harper,  Hogan allegedly called on some prominent COGIC friends to push for his nomination to bishop.

An email sent to COGIC’s public relations director Robert Coleman, Jr.  inquiring about Hogan’s status had not been answered as of publication.

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