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Report COGIC Abuse joins in clergy sexual abuse awareness day





Report COGIC Abuse joins in the effort to continue raising awareness and education about clergy sexual abuse and the inaction of church leadership to warn and protect its vunerable members.

Enough is Enough! Not another child should be given into the hands of a church rapist!

No matter what the denominational name the same corporate denials and cover ups for abusers continue without internal challenges. For all its is proclamations of being the “greatest church in the world” tragically, the Church of God in Christ, the nation’s largest black pentecostal denomination is no better at dealing with its growing contingent of rapists, molestors and abusers in positions of authority. We have documented it many times.

That’s why we are joining with Hope of Survivors in declaring August 1 as Clergy Abuse Awareness and Prevention Day.

The Hope of Survivors has designated August 1 as Clergy Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention Day, with activities planned throughout the month of August. Clergy sexual abuse is a prevalent problem in every denomination around the globe. “It’s time to raise awareness to a greater level,” says Samantha Nelson, Vice President & CEO. “The Hope of Survivors works with victims from around the world, and the story is basically the same: no one, unless they’ve been affected by it themselves or know someone who has, really understands clergy sexual abuse.”

One of The Hope of Survivors’ primary goals, beyond providing support to victims of sexual abuse by anyone in the role of spiritual authority, is raising awareness of the issue and educating clergy, church members and the public at large. Samantha continues, “Until more people understand that a sexual relationship between a pastor and a member of his congregation is not an “affair”—that it is abuse—there will be more victims and more secondary trauma to victims via misinformed church members, media, etc. It’s time for the church, as well as the public, to closely examine these types of relationships, which are not only imbalanced in nature, but also non-consensual.”

Get involved. Get educated. Be proactive. The next victim could be your child.








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