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Houston: we have a problem

Are COGIC pastors in trouble of losing their churches, property? Are the families of pastors in danger of  losing their place in the churches their parents have worked hard to build? Yes and yes.

A reader from  Texas Southeast Jurisdiction 1 (Bishop Rufus Kyles) in Houston wrote to Report COGIC Abuse:

“I believe you need to either expand this site or create another site dedicated to exposing COGIC spiritual abuse.  There are many pastors deceiving, manipulating and lying to their members to retain absolute control and for greedy gain.  It’s an atrocity that COGIC leadership will not address this as well as the rampant sexual abuse.”

Texas SE 1, we believe the same thing. The abuses are widespread and not just limited to sexual abuse. The primary reason for this is the unchallenged power of the bishops under the current administration. Another reason is the unjust and unbiblical church constitution which allows greedy, power-drunk men to trample over the rights of others with little to no fear of consequences. Then too, when a pastor uses the Word of God deceitfully and with malicious intent against the sheep, it doesn’t get any lower than that.

The solution? Only you can change that. Report it, document it, speak out, inform other pastors, pressure the Pastors and Elders Council to deal with the issue and stop being a country club organization. Secondly COGIC’s heirarchial culture of privilege all but ensures “elections” will be about nothing but the usual peacock grandstanding of men who tout how long they have been in the church and how many churches they rule over. That has to change and the people must demand real platforms from those expecting their votes.

There is a hostile takeover of a church unfolding right now in Dallas Texas. I’m sure there are more, but will anyone speak up?

We are willing to help document, but change comes only with public confrontation. Of course, you should be prepared to be labeled, branded and ostracized by “leadership”. If you love the church, you should be willing to fight for its survival.

We can put you in touch with a growing group of pastors and elders who have contacted us.

  1. December 10, 2013 at 6:29 pm

    I completely agree with Bishop that there are many pastors deceiving, manipulating and lying to their members to retain absolute control and for greedy gain. I belong to a church under Texas Southeast II Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction & for the year 2012 we raised over $100,000,000 & our account is always in overdraft. We are constantly having rally’s & fund raising programs orchestrated by our Pastor whom we see 3 times a year (during his anniversary, Christmas & just before convocation. Our Pastor is currently pastoring a number of churches in the jurisdiction, so I’m not sure why he continues to clean the account every week of our church. I failed to mention that our church is not really our own because we are currently renting out of a daycare center & have bend for the last 4 years. If the national church is investigating, I think TSE2 is a good place to start & with the head.

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