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COGIC leader surveys the range of abuses in the denomination

A Peoria based COGIC leader has posted what is probably one of the most extensive surveys of the cross culture of abuse within the nation’s largest black pentecostal denmonination.

Pastor (Superintendent) Harvey Burnett wrote on his Dunamis Word blog that “many saints” had contacted his office about  the  “perception is that we, as a church, must stem a tide  of secularism and political and social liberalism and elitism.”

In response, he issued an urgent call to attention of the church’s espiscopal leadership, namely its powerful, but in the eyes of some, silent bishops. Burnett, a 27 year member of the church, called upon concerned bishops to make advocacy of the people a central platform. The church will be facing elections in 2012.

“Are there officials, especially Bishops, yet within the church that will undertake agenda that will benefit ALL members and factions of the church? This is the question that should be posed and one that I believe is deserving of an answer. Now, to be fair, some of the issues we face are issues based on individual and personal accountability or lack thereof. Then on the other hand public trouble is generated by a few who are visible because they do and allow what the church, especially the Grand Ole COGIC,  is not supposed to do and allow.”

This blog was created to give voice to the victims of abuses as well as document those abuses. It is a void the leadership of the church has repeatedly refused to acknowledge or take substantial measures to resolve. Some, including a former member of the church’s highest judicial department believe is due to the lopsided balance of power given to bishops.

Bishop Samuel P. Nesbitt wrote a scathing report on the church’s constitution which he called “perverse” and unbiblical. Nesbitt and was a dissenting voice on a shocking case of land-property abuse in Witchita, Kansas. 

With the passing of former Presiding Bishop CD Owens, Burnett reflected on the state of the church and its seeming unconcern with injustices committed by fellow members of the clergy.

“Now, that Bishop Owens has passed and we consider and reflect upon the condition of our church and what the 2012 general election will bring, I wonder are there any Bishops within this church who will undertake a platform and effort to correct the wrongs that have continued for so long from the highest levels of the church? Are there yet leaders with the nerve to put themselves in the fray and demand transparency, accountability and a reconstitution and strengthening of the General Assembly as church law requires? Are there leaders who will stand out and demand that this church stand up for those who have been victimized and in favor of churches who have had their rights stripped by leaders who are greedy, flesh centered and misdirected?”

Sexual abuses and deception about the church’s finances continue to plague the administration of current Bishop Charles Blake. Despite promising a new season of fiscal openness and accountability, Blake has shut the door on such promises in relation to clergy sexual abuse.  Both Blake and his chief legal advisor Enoch Perry have intentionally concealed or downplayed multiple major sexual abuse lawsuits against the denomination.

“These statements, were obviously made with a certain hubris and an intent to seemingly dumb-down the issue. the commentary in the minutes “(Who made the comment? and that one singe lawsuit has the potential to bankrupt the church.)” was obviously inserted to not only make a point but to sneer at those who brought contrary opinions about the litigation that the church was and is experiencing regarding these cases. Certainly this was an effort to overs-peak those who ask questions and offer dissent regarding the handling of victims and assets as a result of  sexual abuse cases. The problem is that the statements are misleading as they do not reflect that during the same time frame, COGIC had settled the lawsuit referenced above paying out over $1.5 million and causing the demise of Illinois 5th Jurisdiction. What seems to add insult to injury is that neither do the comments  reflect the other pending lawsuit that COGIC was in the process of fighting which was originally filed in 2007 two years BEFORE the comments made by church officials. That lawsuit was based on the past and multiple sexual abuses and sins of the late Pastor Charles Smith of Seattle, Washington.”

Even as clear evidence proving that the leadership has been duplictious and disengenous with the sacred offices they have been elected to represent, the denial and damage continues. Report COGIC Abuse will document it all until victory is won.

Read the entire summation of Pastor Harvey Burnett’s post Calling out to ALL COGIC Bishops

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