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Researcher seeking interviews with abuse survivors

A university researcher is seeking interviews with victims of clergy sexual abuse for a master thesis paper.

Carolyn Waterstradt, M.A. of Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI told Report COGIC Abuse that she is conducting research on how survivors of clergy abuse heal spiritually after the ordeal.

If you are interested, you may read the following and contact Ms Waterstadt for further information. Report COGIC Abuse is not connected with this project and cannot respond to any questions regarding it.

“I am currently looking for women to participate in my research who were sexually abused by their clergyperson after the age of 18. I am asking that the offending clergyperson is/was a Master degreed member of the clergy. A Master degreed member of the clergy usually has graduated from seminary or divinity school and in many denominations a Master’s degree is a prerequisite to ordination. I would be happy to help potential participants clarify if the offending clergyperson holds a Master’s degree.

The study will be conducted by phone interviews which will be recorded and later transcribed. The phone interviews will take approximately one hour and the majority of the interview will concentrate on the participant’s spiritual and religious healing after the abuse.

If a survivor is interested in participating in this research I can be reached at cjwaterstradt@yahoo.com. If you have questions about this research you may contact me at the above email address or at 231-903-8538 or you may contact my thesis chairperson, Dr. Cray Mulder at muldecra@gvsu.edu or 616-331-6596.”

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