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Al Sharpton hears about COGIC sexual abuse cases

eriversAn interesting thing happened while the COGIC Presiding Bishop was being praised as a “lone voice crying out in the wilderness” on the Al Sharpton radio show. A COGIC pastor called in and offered a different perspective. Bishop Blake is going to be honored by Sharpton for his humanitarianism. But what about the growing number of clergy sex abuse victims who are being ignored by the Presiding Bishop?

One of the guests was Dr. Eugene Rivers, who self identified as Bishop Blake’s Chief Policy Advisor. We’re not sure what policy he is advising the bishop on, but nevertheless that’s his title. Dr. Rivers was discussing a rather interesting Huffington Post article by Eddie Claude Jr, declaring the black church was “dead”.

Then, this statement towards the end of the article:

But where are the press conferences and impassioned efforts around black children living in poverty, and commercials and organizing around jobs and healthcare reform? Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr., the presiding bishop of the Church of God in Christ, appears to be a lonely voice in the wilderness when he announced COGIC’s support of healthcare reform with the public option.

Speaking of reform

Supt Harvey Burnett of Peoria, IL, who wrote a comprehensive victims advocacy plan for COGIC questioned why no one was asking Bishop Blake about his reluctance to enact a victims advocacy program for the denomination.

As Bishop Blake is hailed for his humanitarian service, we must also ask why has there been no action within the Church Of God In Christ to institute any resemblence of a victims advocacy program to help the church minister to its own hurting victims of clregy sexual abuse and misconduct? Dr. Rivers claims this area is a “legally complicated issue” and offers his own version of why the church is doing what it is doing and approaching the subject as it has been.

Rivers says that Pastor Burnett has made an “excellent point”. But then he calls the issue of victim’s advocacy “legally complicated.” Listen to the conversation here. It begins about the 13:44 mark. Dr. Rivers says that he is “privy to a lot of the discussions” in regard to sexual abuse issues in COGIC. Speaking to Pastor Burnett, he says, “I would love to reach out to you…” before Sharpton tells his assistant to get the information. Its strange that although Burnett was clear that his perspective was about victim’s advocacy, Rivers didnt even utter the word “victim”. Intentional?

Incidentally, Al Sharpton himself was drawn into COGIC’s Sherman Allen sexual abuse case when lawyers for the plaintiffs filed a motion to have him testify as an expert witness on clergy matters. The defense fought against it, fearing Sharpton’s presence at the trial would draw unwanted media attention. The case was dismissed in February.

Read Pastor Burnett’s blogpost challenging Al Sharpton is raise the issue with Bishop Blake.

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  1. March 4, 2011 at 7:34 pm


    2010/04/11 at 2:00 pm

    Robert, Bishop Blake wasnt on the show, they were just talking about him. Sharpton’s political network NAN will be giving him an award.

    2010/04/11 at 1:37 pm

    All that Charity work is for nothing if not in the name of Christ, and also if you are working with those who are of the world system.

    2010/04/11 at 1:34 pm

    Huh I wonder why “Bishop” Blake is going on Freemason Sharpton’s radio talk show. Nevermind “Rev” Sharpton is a strong supporter of gay rights, go figure no wonder Blake felt comfortable going on his show.

    Pastor Burnett
    2010/04/09 at 9:25 pm

    I encourage all readers to send a message to Rev. Sharpton as ask him to fight for the hurting and those who have been taken advantage of. He asks on his show, “what time is it?” he responds by saying ,”It’s Sharpton’s time.” We’ll it is in my opinion. A humanitarian award cannot go without challenging someone on their humanitarian efforts toward people that have been wronged even if the issue is “legally complicated” That’s my say.
    Pastor Burnett

    2010/04/09 at 1:19 pm

    Politics is abounding, while these self interests men spout off at the mouth.
    Clouds without water are what they seem to be!

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